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Alduin Dragon Follower
Version 1.0
Auther : yousukeve

Thanks you for download my mod.
I don't write English well.
This is a computer translation that has been improved by an English speaker.

-Installation & Uninstallation
-Background story
-Change log

-Normal edition

-Dragonborn edition

-You can the Alduin follower.
-He is after the main quest clear, it will appear in the "throat of the world".
-He is a essential.
-Can coexist with the strengthening and re-texture and remodeling Mod.
-He will have to follow the player is flying in the sky.
If you want you to come down to him, Please use power that is added when you hire him .
-He does not is entered during the town or dungeon.
-He is king, therefore Dragon Ride is impossible.

*Installation & Uninstallation
-Installation & Uninstallation
Use the NMM or MO.
You choose the option.
1.Use language (English or Japanese)
2.Use voice (English or Japanese)
3.Normal edition : DLC unnecessary
4.Dragonborn edition : It goes to Solstheim together Alduin.

*Background story
After losing to the dragonborn, Alduin was very scolded Akatosh.
The angry Akatosh has said, "You go to help the people of Tamriel!"
Well, he was troubled.
Because he is not that it was even once.
He was relying on Paarthurnax in order to get a reluctantly also advice.

-My blog (Caution:Japanese language)

*Change log
-ver1.0 Upload.