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A voyage to the High Rock city of Jehanna, to unlock the mystery behind a devastating flood.

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Version 2.0 is up, and should be clean and ready to go.

A lore-friendly expansion, Waters of Jehanna takes the player to the half-submerged and virtually abandoned High Rock city, a cosmopolitan port built on re-purposed Dwemer pumps and enchanted stonework. This new city is accessible by a boat docked at an abandoned fishing town on the western Haafingar coast - just pull on the docking chain to depart.

This short but dense mod is built around a series of "miniboss" encounters, designed to be memorable and unique instead of merely challenging. While many dungeon and location mods are pretty light on lore, this one aspires to a narrative focus. Each of the enemy actors has a story of their own, uncovered by journal entries as well as details in their surroundings.

The new weapons and spells belonging to the enemy characters can also be used by the player:

Hollow Dwarven Bow - extremely light and fast firing, but with a lower damage rating than its regular counterpart.
Mercy Whip - A Vigilant-friendly telekinetic flame spell, powerful but with a fairly short range.
Singing Scimitar - Counterweighted for fast swinging, with a resonant blade which rings musically during attacks.
Conjure Spectral Hagraven - A short-duration summon with the ability to knock down opponents.

Notes: On occasion, some of the NPCs may not show up for work. This is a frustrating problem, but not a constant one - re-starting the mod should result in the missing actors returning from their sick day. Also, the maps are designed for solo play - it's not follower friendly, so any companions should probably stay in Skyrim.

This was in fact my first mod, crafted during some early experiments with the Creation Kit. While the many lessons learned from these experiments led me to be initially self-conscious about it, re-playing it has revealed it to be quite good indeed, and I'm happy to share it here while developing a more polished follow-up. As with many first attempts, there may be some compatibility issues - any reports on known conflicts would be very helpful for future users. Any mods adding content to the northwest coast, for example "Haafstad and the Border of High Rock," will likely be incompatible, as the mod is entered through an edited area in that region.