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A rehash of my previous immersive armor mashup mod.
rebalanced and distributed along the leveled lists.
Also includes recent armor mashups from the past few weeks.

Permissions and credits
Mod: Immersive Mashups Ver 2.0
Author: Bryanwee20
Date: 24/7/2015

This is a personal rehash of my previous armor compilation mod. This time the mod will support all races and genders. Armor sets are also rebalanced and added to the several level-lists. To be honest the whole purpose for this rehash is because the previous version was to messy to work off from to add more of my recent content.

Mod Details:
The mod contains 13 different sets of armor (16 if you count the added variations for some armor sets). All sets are craftable and temperable in any forge. 
Additional improvements to existing armor sets is that any armor set that has a mask has been separated into a standalone clothing item. This is to allow the player to choose whether to have the mask or otherwise. Certain armors have also been given improved normal maps.
Only the harbinger set is not craftable but still temperable. That set is obtained by completing the companions questline.

Armor List:
Argonian Hunter Set
Nocturnal's Apostle Set
Harbinger Set
Imperial Swordsman (Basic & Armored)
Mercenary Set (Type 1 & Type 2)
Light Iron Set (Type 1 & Type 2)
Necromage Set
Noble Rogue Set
Nord Sentinel (3 different Helmet variants)
Padded Clothing Pack
Scarlet assassin (2 Different Cowls/Masks)
Shadowblade Set (Type 1 And Type 2)
Woodsman Set

REQUIREMENTS & Recommendations:
Admidianborn Book of Silence (Armor Pack minimum requirement, DL all packs reccomeneded)
Thieves guild armor UltraHD (Best retext I've seen so far on the nexus will affect how the swordmans outfit will look like)
Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade (The name of the mod speaks for itself. a total-must-have mod in your load order)

This mod is will work regardless of whether you have CCOR Installed or not. If you do not have CCOR while using this mod, just expect to find the breakdown recipe of the armors in the smelter. 

Version 1.2:

The update adds 6 more armors to the mod. Things to note would be that unlike the other armors the Vigilant's armor is not craftable and can only be found on Vigilant Npcs and only a single full set can found in their Hq. 

Armor LIst:
Vanguard Armor (Heavy & Light)
Vigilants Armor 

CaBaL120 : For being such a cool dude for allowing me to use his mind-blowing textures from his admidianborn series (Total EPIC-NESS!!).

kryptopyr : For her being very gracious by helping & guiding me with making this mod compatible with her mod, CCOR. (Awesome-ness!!)

 : For allowing me to use meshes from his armored robes mod. (Sweet!)

volvaga0: For allowing me to use the meshes from his chitin mask mod. (Woots!)

My crappy school laptop: For not crashing anymore.