NPC Bartering by Volek
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NPC Bartering v0.4 (by Volek)

This mod enables a bartering dialogue with most NPCs. This is useful if you want something but you are not good at pickpocketing. It also adds some immersion to the game, as bartering should be very common among the people in a medieval world. NPCs will not sell their current outfit and main weapon, but everything else they have with them. Most NPCs own only a very small amount of gold.

As far as I have tested it, almost all non-hostile NPCs will trade their belongings. This includes children, random encounters, named and unnamed people, even people who refused to talk to you before. This excludes merchants and followers (who still have their usual trade dialogue), important NPCs like the Jarls, some other characters with unique dialogue, and Forsworn Briarhearts.

The following factions are excluded from bartering (for more immersion):
* Stormcloaks
* Imperial Soldiers
* City Guards
* Thalmor

Version history:
0.4 - excluded followers from bartering
0.3 - excluded merchants from bartering
0.2 - excluded some factions from bartering
0.1 - initial release: nearly everybody barters

Extract the Data folder from the zip file to your Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/ folder.
Make sure the esp file is activated.

Feel free to use any assets of this mod in other mods, just give credit to me and Boopi (who found out how merchant dialogue works and other tricks with TesVsnip).