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ENB based on the Kountervibe with a complete GUI and dedicated for screenarchery.

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In the first place, this was a semi-private ENB that we decided to share because we received several requests to do so.
Nonetheless, having a busy schedule by now, we might not be able to provide a real support.

Rampage is an ENB based on the Kountervibe, one of Kyokushinoyama's presets. Its main interests lie in the integration of new shaders and of a
comprehensive GUI, easy to use and accessible to everyone in which you'll be able to access several new settings and effects, while keeping an accurate control over each of these features.
DoF unpleases you ? No worries ! You can adjust the whole thing to your best convenience. And that's only a start, the list of available features is really large. It is a flexible ENB, built in the first place for tweakers and screenarchery, a "photoshop-like" ENB.

To those who might not want to spend time in settings and who wish no more than just playing, performances are close to the Kountervibe "performance" preset while retaining a close visual.


Installation and tips

Download Rampage archive and extract the contents of the "ENB" folder in your root Skyrim directory (the one where you'll find the TESV.exe file), by default in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim.

Wrapper installation

Download the latest ENBSeries build from and copy d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the wrapper folder to your skyrim folder.

Injector installation
Download the latest ENBSeries build from and copy enbseries.dll, enbhost.exe, ENBinjector.exe and enbinjector.ini from the injector folder to your skyrim folder.
Rename d3d9_SMAA.dll extracted from the Rampage archive to d3d9.dll.
Open enbinjector.ini and configure your [TARGETPROCESS] like this :


Now open enblocal.ini and replace "ProxyLibrary=d3d9_smaa.dll" by "ProxyLibrary=d3d9.dll"
Please note you'll need to run ENBinjector.exe before you start your game.

Now open the enbsunsprite.fx file (not the ini) in your enbseries folder with any text editor and find these lines :
#define fWidth 2560.0
#define fHeight 1440.0
Change these values to your desired resolution and save.

Example for 1920x1080 :
#define fWidth 1920.0
#define fHeight 1080.0

If you can't find this file, set your OS to show file extensions.
Open your "SkyrimPrefs.ini" file located by default in "C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim".
Find the [Display] section and modify or add the following lines :

Steam overlay can cause some render issues.
If it happens, open "injector.ini" file in your skyrim directory and changes "weird_steam_hack = 0" to "weird_steam_hack = 1"
Don't forget to disable Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering in the Skyrim Launcher and in your Nvidia/AMD driver settings.

Shift + Enter to open the GUI and start tweaking \o/
Print screen to save a bmp screenshot in your Skyrim folder

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Boris Vorontsov - ENB Series - SweetFX Shader Suite
Kyokushinoyama - Kountervibe author, enbseries.ini enbbloom.fx & enbsunsprite.fx
Myloween - Help and participation in the project
ericking1992 - Help and support, LUT code, DoF, additional ALF
Prod80 - Help, enbeffect.fx effects, bloom shaders
HeliosDoubleSix - HD6 code
gp65cj04 - Bokeh DoF & Tilt Shift
OtisInf - DoF desaturation shaders
Insomnia - lens.fx
Jawz - ENB Resources
Mindflux - Optionals Files
Matso, Zeroking, MTichenor, Miratheus


I don't give any permissions for reuploading because some files use code segments that are not originally mine.
Contact me for any questions.