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A configurable, lightweight hypothermia system that adds immersion and challenge.

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...this coarse, uncivilized province is far from hospitable...

Latest update to 1.5 complete as of 14 Apr 2014. Always make clean saves when upgrading, removing, or adding mods. Good luck, have fun!

Note: Now requires SKSE

For an even better Hypothermia experience, checkout Granson's Hypothermia Plus. It includes a temperature widget, bugfixes, and more configuration options.

Special thanks to the SkyUI team for their community contributions.

Please go to their respective pages and download/endorse.


Hypothermia is a configurable immersion mod that provides a core body temperature for the player. Core temperature is
observable in your magic effects menu. The core body temperature drops and rises based on environmental factors, weather,
location in Skyrim, frost resistance, time of day, swimming in cold water, armor and clothing, and level of exertion.
When the core temp drops below certain thresholds, the effects include, slowed movement, reduced magicka regen,
stamina drain, reduced pickpocket and lockpicking, disabled fast travel, blurred vision, and health drain at the very
lowest core temp. Multiple methods for preventing the heat loss. Proximity to campfires and Giant bonfires provides
heat. Warm up by the fire!

Includes both werewolf and vampire support.

Getting wet is very dangerous in this version, if you spend too much time in the rain, you're clothes will get
saturated and lose their protective qualities. Swimming instantly removes all but 10% of their insulation.
Out of the rain, your saturation is gradually reduced. Fires speed up the drying process.

If you sleep while hypothermic, you'll suffer appropriate effects.

This mod includes animations for warming hands by the fire, both standing and crouching.

Configuration is available via item (like Imp's Needs) or via power. In the interest of immersion, you do not start
with any message boxes, items, or powers for configuration. If you want to configure it to your preferences, you can
use the console acquire the configuration item or power - details below.

WIP: Backup your saves! You have been warned.
Note: Take a look at the install/uninstall section. Very important.

This has been playtested as much as I and the excellent beta testers could, but please report any inconsistencies or illogical situations. Thanks and enjoy!

Deutsche - Dankeschön Pandur79
Francaise - Merci mcguffin
Español - Gracias a Mascatrancas

Endorsements always appreciated.
Thanks for the support!

Any of the camping mods

Compatible Mods:

Fully Compatible:
Realistic Needs and Diseases
Wet and Cold
McGuffin's Camping Lite
LtMattmoo's Camping
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger
Northborn's Fur Hoods
Cloaks of Skyrim by Nikinoodles
WIC Cloaks
Darwins Nightmare by bootliquor
Imp's More Complex Needs
HardcoreSkyrim by Sithums
Total Realism Basic Needs by ManSh00ter
Usable Lantern
Better Wieldable Lantern

Compatible with Configuration:
Duke Patrick's Heavy Weapons (turn off Hypothermia's stamina regen penalties)
Other combat mods that change stamina regen rates

Compatible with many others, but untested.

-- Please report mod conflicts. I'll try to fix it. --

If any mod authors want to make their armors/clothing compatible with this mod, just add the appropriate keywords to your custom armors.

WarmClothes2 - Equivalent to sleeveless fur armor (Think Scout/Ranger/Thieves Guild armor)
WarmClothes3 - Equivalent to full coverage fur armor (Think Einherjar or Warchief Armor)
Any item with the word "cloak" or the word "cape" in it will bestow the cloak effect on the player when worn.

-Immersive above all
-Minimal (additional mechanics will be modular, but the core will always function on it's own)
-Non-intrusive but configurable
-Compatibile with as many mods as possible within reason
-Realistic yet fun
-Lightweight (always challenging)
-Be really good at one thing, simulating cold weather effects and prevention methods

It should add challenge to your gameplay without making you want to rip your hair out everytime you enter a blizzard or rain storm.


Hypothermia is governed by several variables:

Player's core temperature
Body heat generation
Ambient temperature - Initial environmental temperature
Effective temperature - After all modifiers
Determined by:
Player's location in Tamriel
Weather (pleasant, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather
Simple windchill equation
Time of day
Month of the year (linear scale from -2.5 in Winter to +8 in Summer)

The player's coretemp and body heat generation is compared to the effective temp.
If the effective temp is lower, the coretemp gradually begins to drop. When it reaches a threshold,
the player develops the next stage of hypothermia and the effects appear.

Core temperature loss is avoided using various methods:

All torso clothing provides a basic 20% insulation against the cold. The following armors provide even more protection:

- 15% Extra insulation
- Fur armor with sleeves
- Daedric
- Stormcloak officer's cuirass

- 10% Extra insulation
- Sleeveless fur armor
- All Steel armors
- All Orcish armors
- Psijic robes
- Archmages robes
- Thieves Guild armor
- Fine clothes 2 (looks like a blanket - Nazeem wears it)
- Fine clothes 1 (the one with the fur collar)
- Various others (open to suggestions)

Cloaks: 15%
Boots: 5%
Hoods/Hats: 10%

The following provide a fixed amount of warmth to combat the cold:

Torches: +3
Fire cloak: +100
Warmth Potion: +100
Nearby Fires: +50

Saturation gradually increases in the rain and immediately jumps to 100% when swimming. Saturation strongly affects windchill and insulation factor.

Frost Resistance boots your body heat by up to 40% AND slows the rate at which your coretemp drops by a proportional amount.
100% Frost Resistance = Unaffected by the cold (helpful for stage 4 vampires)

Exercise: Running or swimming boosts body heat by 10%, sprinting by 70%
If you're struggling to stay warm, go for a run. It may give you the extra heat you need.
(Not entirely accurate for the real world, but helpful in-game.)

Shivering is always simulated and slightly boosts coretemp, but it's only visible if you enable camerashake.


Argonians ignore saturation, but have lower coretemp due to their reptilian cold blood.
Khajiits have an insulation bonus, but they have a higher maximum saturation, so they're more vulnerable when they get wet.
Werewolves in beast form have a bodyheat that should keep them warm in nearly any situation.


Hypothermia consists of three stages (spells and drains) that apply different damages based on core temperature:

Mild Hypothermia:
-Gradual stamina drain *
-Stamina regen -50% *
-Temporary pickpocket and lockpicking skill decrease from shivering/shaky fingers
-Frost effects at onset **
-Warm arms animation *
-Disabled fast travel (only while temp is dropping) *

Moderate Hypothermia:
-Gradual stamina drain *
-Stamina regen -100% *
-Health regen -50% *
-Magicka regen -50%
-Slow by 10% (25% if not wearing boots)
-Blurred vision shader (from Quick Reflexes)
-Frost effects **
-Cough animation *
-Disabled fast travel *

Severe Hypothermia:
-Gradual stamina drain *
-Gradual Health drain at minimum core temp *
-Health regen -100% *
-Slow by 25%
-Blurred vision shader (from Sleeping Tree Sap)
-Frost effects **
-Cough animation *
-Disabled fast travel *

Animations: *
- Stand close to and facing a standard campfire, after a few seconds, PC will perform warm hands animation, crouch for a different animation
- No animations for giant fires or braziers
- Only in 3rd person view, PC will perform animation when transitioning to a new stage of hypothermia (Mild: Warm Arms, Mod: Cough, Severe: Cough)
- These animations disable 1st person view for a few seconds to avoid BAD animation bugs (COC to last interior if you're curious)
- ONLY in 3rd person view with no weapons/torch/shield/magic equipped and "up"

* Configurable
** Disabled by default, but configurable



Feel free to report other bugs and script lag situations. Please mention the other scripting mods in your load order.

***** If you sleep for 24 hours, all quests and scripts will reset. Try this if anything goes crazy. *****

See readme

A Note on Updating (Thanks to Sithums of Hardcore Skyrim)


Clean install:
- Remove mod (esp and pex files)
- Load game, save game (Make an extra backup save)
- Install mod (new esp and pex files)
- Load game
- Sleep

It should work normally from here. If something is messed up, try the following step:

***** OPTIONALLY: If you sleep for 24 hours, all quests and scripts will reset. Try this if anything goes crazy. *****

My apologies for any inconveniences caused.

TODO (no particular order):

1. Enjoy watching someone else continue developing this mod.



Feedback welcome and encouraged. I can't possibly playtest all the combinations of armor/clothing/locations/weather.
Let me know if you run into any unbalanced areas or illogical situations (e.g. burning up in an icy cave, freezing inside a warm house, etc.).


v1.5 14 Apr 2014
- See real changelog

v1.4 - 22 Apr 2012
- Modified config menu appearance for compatibility with lower resolutions and different aspect ratios
- Added Ancient Nord Armor to list of Moderately warm armors
- Balance changes to the alchemy ingredients that create Potions of Warmth
- Active magic effects now shows weather protection bonus when you're wearing a cloak

v1.3 - 5 Apr 2012
- Better location detection: Ice caves now very cold, caves are cool, forts and ruins slightly colder than inns/houses which are still warm
- Time of year now subtly affects ambient temperature on a linear scale - Morning Star is coldest, Sun's Height is warmest
- Cloaks now reduce saturation rate by 90%, giving you 10x more time in the rain
- Text notifications of core temp change are now available to players who want them (via config menu)
- Added uninstall key (acquire +Delete Hypothermia+ via console)
- Fixed: Eastmarch hotsprings finally actually warm
- Fixed: Hooded robes now provide just as much insulation as a robe with separate hood (Bethesda omitted ClothingHead keyword)
- Fixed: Users reporting fast travel difficulties when warm now can turn off the fast travel effects in the config menu
- Fixed: Sleeping next to a fire now has the following effects: Reduced saturation and increased warmth

Full changelog in the readme


Nosferat2007 - Saturation/shivering code, temperature refinements and some other large scale code enhancements.
Chesko - Excellent help on using Quest Aliases to solve compatibility issues.
McGuffin - Fixing the disabled fires warming bug.
Clocker - Testing cell, algorithms and answering misc questions.
Hurmferd and Borgut1337 - Script optimizing information.
V1.2 Beta testers - Hurmferd, Nosferat2007, boatie, Xenxe, and Tupii
Duke Patrick for some excellent ideas about this type of mod.
Bethesda - Great game.
Dave Humphrey - SkyEdit.
Anyone who's provided input for the project. There are now too many to count.

(Previous versions)
Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon
Thanks to Taewon for the C++ Timer code he put on the forums



Please edit, redistribute, and make derivative works. I would appreciate credit. I'm sure someone out there can make a better hypothermia mod ;) Chesko

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