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  1. mwjr
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    *NEW Post Date - 10/16/2018

    70% completed, pretty much just working on the Combat aspect now, and compatibility patches for mods that alter races, so that they won't overwrite the keywords I added to the races so that combat music would play specific for that race/creature/NPC.

    Also also small fixes with some specific explore songs (like 2-3) cut off right before they finish, everything will be perfect... in due time.


    *NEW Post Date - 10/3/2018

    I am back, and reworking the mod, majority of things will be the same, but will include fixes, like some exploration tracks cut off before they fully finish.

    I'll be making compatibility patches for mods that edit race, and mods that edit gated cities such as Whiterun, Solitude, Riften, and Markarth, so my Town music will play for those mods as well.

    Also going to try to find a method to make specific combat songs play for specific fitting races without even HAVING to edit the actual races themselves, adding a Keyword to them that links to the Combat tracks.

    Instead, maybe try to just put the actual race to trigger the specified combat tracks... tried that before, didn't work, but maybe there's another way.

    Also, found a couple new tracks for dungeons/caves that everyone would enjoy.. a specific Blood and Wine cave exploration track that can be heard here ->

    This mod will be better than ever, and I am for sure back to finish what I started.


    Post Date - 10/20/2017

    Word Of Power has been released for those of you that liked it in the previous version. So now when you absorb dragon souls, and learn new shouts, you will hear a Witcher 3 song play.

    I also figured something else out about the race "ActorType" issue... if this works, you will NO LONGER hear NPC/Humanoid combat music play for Vampires, and "specific Animal tracks" won't play for Chaurus, and Trolls.

    I am also working on TW3SO (The Witcher 3 Sound Overhaul) which will replace some of Skyrim's UI sound effects to make it sound more like Witcher 3's.



    *To better fit a more Witcher style, I have muted the chanting when coming near a Word Of Power Wall.

    *When leveling up, I muted the chanting sounds to also better fit a Witcher style.

    *Edited the following Vanilla files so far...


    I still got much more to do, but the basic stuff is out of the way.



    *I left Sovngarde's music default, I couldn't find anything from Witcher 3 that'll fit.

    *I left DLC1 (Dawnguard) Forgotten Vale's exploration music default, it is already fitting enough.

    *I left DLC2 (Dragonborn) landscape exploration default. But everything else, Apocrypha, Dungeons, Caves, etc will play Witcher 3 music.

    *I left Jorrvaskr's music default. I will replace it with something else in the future... as soon as I find what to replace it with.

    *I left High Hrothgar's music default. I will replace it with something else in the future... as soon as I find what to replace it with.

    *Taverns with a very low population will play only the more calm Witcher 3 Tavern music.



    Q: Some combat tracks won't play for every enemy I face, why?*

    A: I made tracks play for specific enemie for more realism of course.
    Some tracks won't fit NPCs/Humans/Humanoids, some won't fit Animals, some won't fit Draugr, Vampires and specific creatures.


    Q: Bards keep interrupting the tavern tracks!

    A: Whenever a bard decides to play an instrument, or sing, it automatically mutes tavern tracks.

    Download this so that the bards will only play upon request, or play very less often, you choose.

  2. Tutankhamon00
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    I have copied what's inside data folder into Skyrim Special Edition - DATA folder, i hope i have done this the right way.
    But the vanilla crap music still play at Fort Dawnguard and sometime when exploring.
    A little help, pretty please?
  3. blindedbytears
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    Will you ever upload the fixed version of this to LE?
    1. TataBU
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      Isn't this the LE version?
    2. blindedbytears
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      Yes, but the more up-to-date and bug fixed version is on SSE.
  4. Skyrimsucksalot
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    Why does it work only for level up and quests start/complete in my game?
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    Apocrypha. Gunter O`Dim Theme. This is all.
    1. jpistheman
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  6. ccjr57
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    Thanks and Kudos amigo!
  7. Shader11
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    You didn't mention that players need dawnguard dlc, for this to work. You have wasted my time :(
    1. xxTheProdigyIVxx
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      It’s 2019 and you still don’t have all the dlc?
    2. jakeyboi777
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  8. zlorenzx
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    Any chance that you made a 'mixed with vanilla music version' like yggdrasil did it?
    I would be very kind of you to consider it and mean a lot at least to me
  9. Ymdahr
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    0h 4 mus1c m0d. N01c3., gj m8
  10. deleted53845391
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    pls add some gwent Music as well for example the duke of dogs theme (Maybe making a seperate mod or put in a new donwload file)
  11. panjinexus
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    This is godsend!!
    Can you make more of the sound effect from the witcher? like for example footstep, weapon sound etc?