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I do NOT own any of the audio used in this mod, all credit goes to CD Projekt RED, well known for their famous franchise, The Witcher video game series

I've sought the permission from CD Projekt RED, and they had given me it, just as stated above, so long as I follow the rules, and don't use their soundtracks/content for financial purposes, and so long as I don't act as though they are partnered with me.

Permission slip in the photo gallery!

The music is actually 100% lore-friendly, and fitting to TES universe, well, the mass majority of the tracks are... and especially if you're doing a Witcher playstyle.

I did this for myself originally, and thought I'd share it considering I did a very good job piecing things together.

I had to make many edits to some of CD Projekt RED's original tracks in order to piece them perfectly in the game, and also to cut overlapping.

My music mod is by the far best one out there.

I can say that for certain, so feel free to try it out, and see for yourself ;)