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Armors of Dragon Champion, new customizable armor: modular, multilayer, six colors and five different bodies.

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Armors of Dragon Champion

Set of weapons standalone in the optional files
The chest is located left to forge at the entrance of WhiteRun.
Contains GreatSwords, Swords, Daggers, Bows and Shields in six colors

Sorry for this late update, I had some unexpected events this fall and I completed the weapons textures quickly
You can upload this file on others sites only for translations in another language

Now SevenBase Body available

UPDATE 1.21:
UNPB Version
Now craftable
Correction for armor pieces in first person: I had four pieces of armor but only two slots available to display in first person, I had to combine in two sets of gauntlet and arms.
Notice: the esp file don't keep the texture set in first person for female, so it will be the blue set in first person for all armor

To facilitate the updates and maintenance for the bodies and to avoid recreating files each time the whole pack of files,  I make a new type of installation. Before to download the new version, flush all the previous files :

Download one file by step for the new version :
STEP 1: download one texture file
STEP 2 : download one body file
STEP 3: download one esp file

Thanks to Mrabubu for this impressive video.

Thanks to vatiwah for his great video. Watch his weekly video about Skyrim mods.

Update 1.01
Correction for tempering recipes for Fierce Knight Armor
Add Files with no High Heel system

New customizable and modular Armor with many pieces for female only. The chests are on the guard tower at the main entrance of Whiterun. 
The armor is available only for CBBE body for now and you need High Heel System format 1K and 2K.

-Arms Plate
-Armor base
-Armor Chain Mail bar
-Boot plates
-Corset Plate
-Gauntlet Plates
-Hip Protection
-Pauldron Plates
-Thigh Plates

Colors : Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Black, white

I hope You will like them. I wait for your screenshots