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Automatically picks up the loot you want and leaves the rest.
Continued support from the original JSL.
Now also available for Skyrim SE!

Permissions and credits
This mod is a continuation of Jaxonz Smart Looter.

The Smart Looter removes the tedious collection of treasure, to let you focus on the adventure!

** NEW in 2022! - Skyrim SE Conversion!
** Jaxonz Smart Looter Continued SE
** (I haven't checked this myself, but I'm glad someone finally did it!)


It CAN do any or all of these things for you - as much or little as YOU WANT it to.
  • Catch critters (including mod-added types!)
  • Harvest plants (also including non-vanilla!)
  • Collect hanging items such as pheasants, frost mirriam, etc.
  • Gather your lost arrows
  • Mine ore, without animation
  • Loot containers (including bodies) when you open them
  • Loot unopened containers (and bodies)
  • Loot during combat and from horseback
  • Use a weight to value ratio that you set, so you decide what's worthwhile and what's too heavy to bother with
  • Gradually increase the weight to value ratio, or keep it the same
  • Pick up scrolls, potions, arrows, books - or only the ones you haven't read, and more!
  • Turn itself off as you approach your carrying limit. (It'll tell you when it does.)

What it WON'T do:
  • Get you in trouble. (It won't steal.)
  • Loot your vanilla player homes.
  • Loot any other location you tell it not to.
  • ...or any specific container you tell it is off-limits.
  • Pick up items you've dropped.
  • Grab anything you've told it you don't want.

Hotkey option 1: Toggle on and off
Hotkey option 2: Only loot when pressed

Hotkey is selectable, to minimize conflicts with other mods - if you choose one that's in use, it will tell you.

So where's Jaxonz, and why "Continued"?
Since Jaxonz has left Skyrim modding, and no one else stepped up to take care of the Smart Looter, I did. Why? Because I use it, and it needed a few things to be ironed out, and if I was going to iron them out, I might as well share.

This is the first mod I'm posting. I can't say it's "my first mod", because it's not "mine". Lol! But please, take that into consideration if I've done something incredibly stupid (which is likely), and be polite about pointing it out. I take criticism well - how else to learn? - as long as it's given in the right spirit.

Change Log and Future Plans

Version 5.02
Released July 10, 2015

I didn't have to clean my save game this time, but I did remove JSL, open Skyrim, save, exit, reopen, save, exit, then install the new version.

  • No loot unplayable weapons - Was still picking up a few unplayable weapons, most notably from Dragonborn, specifically ones with names. Not any more.
  • No picking up food with potions - "Always loot Potions" was also picking up Foods, because they use the same Form type. Not doing that any more.
  • Default Excluded Locations - "Dormitory" appeared twice, now "Hall of Countenance" and "Hall of Attainment".

Under Development

  • FISS Support - Ability to save and reload settings, especially good for starting new games, or games that have been cleaned for mod updates
  • Automatic restart after encumberence stop - The code is in there now, but I don't believe it's working yet.
  • Re-write mod description - It was my first attempt at making one. Lots of room for improvement. FAQ needs updating too.

Older versions


Known Issues and Suggested Workarounds
I'll be working on these.
  • Ash piles: Please loot them manually for now. JSL is looting them (if set to), but not getting everything it should.
  • Other "piles": (Ice wraith, etc.) Please loot these manually for now also. The same problem may apply, and I haven't thoroughly tested them yet.

If this is your first time using JSL, or you are starting a new game:
Install with Mod Organizer, or NMM, or whatever method you prefer. There is a .bsa and a .esp that go in your main Skyrim\Data folder.
If you're loading an existing save game, it may loot some nearby things before the MCM menu registers.

If you've been using a previous version of Jaxonz Smart Looter or JSL Continued, with an existing game, you may need a clean save for the changes to take effect. See "Removal" below for how to clean your save game of remnants of old JSL scripts.
Also, you may wish to clear certain items from your inventory. This can be done with console commands. It can be done at any time.

Jaxonz said load order doesn't matter, and there are no known conflicts with any mods.
Possibly conflicts with Throwing Weapons Lite. I'm looking into that.

Mod Organizer has been known to complain about the order of Jaxonz mods with each other. This is NOT a problem, you can rearrange them if you like to shut it up, or not. It complains because she used some of the same utility scripts in her mods, such as a little script that checks to see if a recent version of SKSE is installed. So it sees multiple copies and wants to be sure you have the right one taking precedence. If you have a current SKSE, it doesn't matter anyway.

I haven't changed any of her basic utilities, so unless someone else does, there shouldn't be any issues.

JSL does not attach any scripts to objects, so should be safe to uninstall at any time.

I really like backups. It's your choice whether you make as many as I do, but this is my procedure.
Also, I really like named save files. Jaxonz Named Save works for this, or you can open the console and type

save "Name of save file"

You don't need the quotes if your name doesn't have spaces in it. After saving one in the console, I usually use <ESC> and look at files with "Load" just to see it's there, occasionally it hasn't saved.

If you don't have the excellent Save Game Script Cleaner tool, I definitely recommend it.

  • Uninstall the old JSL
  • Open Skyrim
  • Load your game. It will give you an error message about a missing file. Load it anyway.
  • Save "JSL Update 1 - Removed"
  • Exit Skyrim
  • Open Save Game Script Cleaner
  • Load "JSL Update 1 - Removed"
  • Click on "Fix Script Instances" then "Delete All #"
  • Click on "Save AS" and enter "JSL Update 2 - Cleaned"
  • Uncheck "Backup" and exit
  • Open Skyrim
  • Load "JSL Update 2 - Cleaned"
  • Save "JSL Update 3 - Finished"

  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • Not known to conflict with any other mod. (Except possibly Throwing Weapons Lite, currently investigating that.)
  • Any load order works.
  • Hotkey can be easily changed to avoid conflicts.
  • Adds no scripts to objects, so it can be cleanly uninstalled at any time.
  • Super efficient and works great even on low-end computers.
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party mods that add new harvestable critters/fish/plants, such as:

Goals and Plans
  • My primary objective is reliability.
  • I want this mod to function smoothly.
  • To pick up everything you want it to pick up, and nothing you don't
  • To have a minimal impact on your game while doing it
  • To be easy and intuitive to use.

Thank You
  • Jaxonz, for creating JSL and leaving it open for us
  • Eolhin, for her encouragement and for leading me through the CK labyrinth ;)
  • Michael of GamerPoets, for his immensely helpful instructional videos
  • John, for getting me hooked on Skyrim, and for... everything.
  • Bethesda, for giving us this great world and letting us play in it, and with it.
  • All of the fantastic modders in the community who have given of their time, energy, and skills to make this game so much better
  • The Nexus, for providing us this wonderful place for the community to gather and share
  • Anyone willing to try this, my first effort at posting a mod, even though it's not mine. And especially if you can give some feedback or an endorsement - Thank you!

"All Jaxonz mods are professionally coded for stability and high quality." - Jaxonz

Jaxonz Smart Looter Continued. Still professionally coded for stability and high quality.