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Edit your mod weapon and armor states. Or copy from vanilla ones. Cool look with balanced states
Support 128 items at max.

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Add Slot Mask editing support (e.g. Change Amulet to Helmet )
Remove dependence on ObjectReference, should not cause CTD anymore in those rare cases, and records are generated only if necessary.


Did you ever downloaded a cool set of armor/weapon but find it either too OP or too weak, or it's not the right armor type,
and too lazy to use Creation kit, thus ditched it at last ? 
Or do you want to have your mod armors having the states of vanilla armors?
Here is the mod for you.

There was already a similar mod Transmogrification - Copy Armor Stats, but it can only keep the states of one set of armor, and is activated through mcm, thus doesn't suit my need. So I created this mod. And thanks to the mod, I did read the code of the said mod while writing this mod, was very helpful.

::::::What can it do::::::

Edit states of armor and weapons:

-  Armor Type
-  Armor Rating
-  Weapon Speed
-  Weapon Stagger
-  Weapon Reach
-  Weapon Damage
-  Value
-  Weight
-  Tempering Rate

Copy states(optional) from other armors and wepons,
-  armor will only copy to matched one(body to body, head to head)
-  weapon will only copy to right hand one.

Enchantment can only be modified through copy

Rename most objects, it wont create any record.

I have not found a way to get the corresponding forging and tempering formula  given an item in-game yet, if you happen to know it, please PM me, thx.

::::::How to use::::::

Point to an item, press the hotkey
Defualt hotkey : RShift + Enter


Most edits, except rename and enchantmentexcept rename and enchantments, will change all items of the same type. i.e. If you change the damage of a glass sword to 10000, all glass swords will have damage of 10000, so better only use this mod on mod items or unique items. 

This Mod support 128 items at max, you will get a notice in case you reach it.

Before you remove a mod of a modified item, better remove the record through the provided menu first. 
Did a few tests without records removed, didn't cause troubles AFAICT, but I am not 100% sure, don't whine if it causes CTD :P.

Most changes except rename and enchantments will stick until you relaunch skyrim, even if you load another save, should cause little troubles though.

It is possible for this mod to cause CTD if an modified items is deleted(like removeallitems) from the save but the record is not deleted, and you reload the game. If you encounter this, try the last resort:

- Download and open skyrim save script cleaner
- Open your save in the cleaner
- [Mod Editor] button
- On the LHS of the mod editor window, look for and tick EquipmentStateCopy&Rename.esp
- Click [Delete selected mod forms] and [Delete selected mod scripts] on the UPPER right
- close the mod editor window
- [Save]
- Disable this mod
- try to load your save and save again
- Enable this mod


by Expired - for UI
DienesTools by Dienes - for changing Keywords