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6 new non-mastery archery perks added.
3 new mastery perks.
+ optional misc perks

Permissions and credits
Track1044's Archery Addon for Perma
6 new non-mastery Perks
3 new mastery Perks.
+ 5 misc Perk.
Let the balancing commence.

It looks like shit to be honest, bow shit.

This is in beta because I need help with balancing
I've played with this mod myself for several hours in a modlist over 200 and no problems.


Load my file AFTER any defluffer, or you're gonna have trouble.
I will defluff the affected perks eventually.



  • Fixed Acrobatics not working without arrowhail. Thank mr. Tester sabrio!

  • Initial release - Replacer and Non-replacer + misc (5 perks)
  • Arrowhail wasn't working, now it is.
  • Arrowhail timer increased to 6 seconds
  • All combat hit effects can now be applied at the same time. (Hit'n'Kick now viable)
  • For perk information, please see "perk information"

Replacer versions replace 2 perks, "Prey" and "Prominent Flanker"

Prey: Longbow attacks that hit the target's back (25 degrees in both directions) deal
100% more damage.

Prominent Flanker: Shortbow attacks that hit the target's side or back (90 degrees in both directions) 
stagger the target. Only works once per target every 15 seconds.

Main non-mastery Perk Information:

  • Adaptability, 1 rank (Crossbows, Longbows and Shortbows) (Replaces Prey)

When your TARGET is in light level > 60, your clear sight of your enemy allows you to do 20% more damage. When YOU are in light level < 60, you get a sneak multiplier of 0.5.

  • Quick draw, 1 rank (Crossbows, Longbows and Shortbows)

Increases your crossbow and bow handling by 30% (aka increases animation speed, OP)

  • Acrobatics, 2 ranks (Shortbow) (replaces "Prominent Flanker")

  • Rank 1:
For 3 seconds after hitting a target, press jump to propel your self backwards. This jump costs 30 stamina
and has a 6 second cooldown.

  • Rank 2:
After hitting a target, you have 6 seconds, to complete the jump and afterwards supercharge your arrow. This is done by using bow zoom after jump. The shot costs 40 stamina and does not give a jump. (Bow zoom does not have to be held, as soon as anim starts the shot is armed)

  • Unseen Threat, 2 ranks (Longbow)

  • Rank 1:
After a 3.5 second power draw you become invisible for 3 seconds and after a 5 second power draw you become invisible for 5 seconds. Comes with a toggle.
  • Rank 2:
During the invisibility the first arrow you fully draw will have enhanced zoom and time slow. Additionally this arrow will instantly be a power draw. This power draw stacks with rank 1 power draw, but not rank 2.

Main Mastery perk Information:

  • Rapid Fire (Crossbow)

After bashing someone with your crossbow, you reload faster than the eye can see and can fire 5 bolts in rapid succession. Every bolt fired costs 10 stamina and the skill has a 30 second cooldown. Activated by holding down the fire button.

  • Artillery (Crossbow, Longbow & Shortbow)

Grants the ability "Artillery". When activated your damage is increased by 100%, Your hits always stagger and your zoom is enhanced, but it renders you immobile, your draw speed is reduced by 30% and your stamina is drained.
Duration is 12 seconds, but ends sooner if you run out of stamina. If the ability is TOGGLED off while in combat, you lose all your stamina and are staggered.

  • Triple Tap (Arrowhail dependency aka Shortbow)

Arrowhail stacks now also grants 5% draw speed. At Max(6) Arrowhail stacks, you can consume them, exchanging your drawspeed and damage bonus, for a 30% damage reduction but upon hitting a target, 2 additional arrows fire.  This effect last for 12 seconds, or until you have no stamina left.

Misc Perk Information:

Once per target, your bow or crossbow bash knocks a target to the ground.

Restore Stamina
After firing a longbow you restore 12 stamina. After firing a shortbow you restore 8 stamina.

When hit in the back, you have a 3 second window to press jump to jump away from your attacker and face them when landing. Cost 30 stamina and has a 8 second cooldown.

Arrow Recover
Knowing where to place your arrows for maximum efficiency, you have 40% higher chance of recovering your arrows from your foes.

For 2 seconds after being hit by an arrow, your first draw has 30% increased draw speed.


I suggest using NMM or another mod manager for easy control of your mods.

  1. Download the file
  2. Install it with your mod manager of choice (If you dont use a mod manager just unpack the file wherever and move PermArchery_X(R or NR) esp and bsa to your data folder.
  3. Make sure the "PermArchery_X(R or NR)" is loaded after "Perma - Master" and "Perma - Warrior"
  4. ???
  5. Enjoy


  1. type "Setstage xxReplacerStartUpQuest 100" into the console (No quotation marks)
  2. Save and exit the game when prompted
  3. Uninstall the mod with mod manager of choice(If manual, Remove the PermArchery_X(R or NR) esp and bsa from your data folder.
  4. ???
  5. Cry


Loads of credits go to:

T3ndo for creating Perma!

J3X for the auto crossbow script he freely shares.

Antares from the Beth forums for giving me the perfect math.

The creation kit Wiki, major butt saver, right there.