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Adds four wild horse herds to Skyrim. Each herd contains six horses: a lead mare, a stallion, and two mares with foals.

Permissions and credits

Wild Herds adds four wild horse herds to Skyrim. Each herd is made up of six horses: a lead mare, a stallion, and two mares with a foal each. Foals follow their dams, and all horses will follow the lead mare as she roams around the herd's territory. Stallions are slightly larger than mares and are more aggressive toward enemies. Each wild horse has its own coat color.

All wild horses are set as essential. The horses are able to be ridden, but will return to their herd upon dismount. Wild horses will not run away from or attack the player.

This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.

Use with Other Mods:

  • Wild Herds is likely to conflict with any other mod that uses the cells in which the herds are located.
  • The wild horses should not be affected by texture replacement mods.
  • This mod is not intended to replace player mounts. As such, I have not tried to make it compatible with any mods that deal with player mounts.

Herd Locations:

  • Out in the plains East of Rorikstead
  • In the pass between two mountain ranges South of Nightcaller Temple
  • In the forest West of Half-Moon Mill
  • In the small forest or surrounding area of Eldergleam Sanctuary

  • Keep in mind that the horses do roam. They will be at these locations, but you may have to walk around a bit to find them. Some herds have a larger range than others.

Recommended Mods to Try:

  • Faster Vanilla Horses by Jov
  • Footprints by jonwd7
  • Improved Horse Step Sounds by Crystan
  • Swift Steeds Stables by Fierymarigold
  • Whistle by Iskariot

  • These mods are not required for Wild Herds, but are great horse-related mods!


Skyrim Special Edition Version


Slof for the stallion mesh and absolutely beautiful horse retextures
Fierymarigold for the adorable foal mesh
PentaPenguin for helping me understand AI packages
Omanyte for testing

Bethesda for making Skyrim and the Creation Kit
ReadMe Generator

Permission to Use:

If you wish to use components from this mod in one of your own, ask for my permission.
Make sure you have permission from Fierymarigold and Slof before using their content.Do not redistribute in part or in whole without my consent, and under no circumstances may you sell ANY part of this mod. Mods are and should always be free.

This is my first mod, so I hope you enjoy it! :)