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Skyfall Estate is a Hearthfire inspired buildable player home with 280+ Build options to choose from, located just outside Whiterun across from Honningbrew Meadery, it includes plenty of Safe Storage, Armor Mannequins, Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, Paragons, Weapon Racks, Display Cases, New Marriageable, Merchant and Followe

Permissions and credits
I am currently no longer modding or supporting my original Skyrim mods..Check out my new/ported mods for Skyrim Special Edition HERE or Fallout 4 HERE..Thank you again for everyone's continuing support..


After publishing a few buildable style mods with Silverstead and Blackthorn I decided while developing Silverstead that my goal would be to eventually take my original Skyfall Estate mod and make it buildable so that my users can customize the home to how they see fit..This is the same Skyfall Estate mod (Version 2.9.6) as my last but with a few small updates and the build feature added..Thank you again to everyone that supports my work here on Nexus..

This Mod Requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn DLC's

Skyfall Estate is a Hearthfire inspired buildable player home with 280+ Build options to choose from, located just outside Whiterun across from Honningbrew Meadery, it includes plenty of Safe Storage, Armor Mannequins, Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, Paragons, Weapon Racks, Display Cases, New Marriageable, Merchant and Follower NPCs, Indoor Smithing Area, Plenty of room for Followers.

This Home Is Compatible With: Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
NOTE: To move your Children/Spouse into Skyfall Estate:
1. Download Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
2. Enter Skyfall Estate and use the "Bless Home" Spell that comes from that mod
3. Talk to your Children/Spouse about moving into your "New Home"

Plenty of Room for Followers With:
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul by Original - fLokii
Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dheuster

---------------------MAIN FEATURES------------------------

Buy Skyfall Estate for 10,000 gold to unlock the various interior Workbenches to complete your estate
NOTE: Cheat strongbox containing 10,000 Gold is located under the bridge approaching the house (see picture)
NOTE: A cheaters supply chest containing all the building supplies can be activated in the 3rd Floor Hallway area of Skyfall Estate
Compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
Skyfall Estate Teleport Spell Tome (Found in Master Bedroom)
Auto Store/Workstation Access:
Auto Access/Store for Hearthfire Oven/Cooking Pot (Storage Barrel in the Kitchen)
Auto Access/Store for Alchemy Tables/Ingredients (Themed Ingredient Containers)
Auto Access/Store for Enchanting Tables/Soul Gems (Themed Soul Gem Containers)
Auto Access/Store for All Smithing Workstations (Barrel in Smithing Area)
NOTE: Storing a TON of stuff in the Auto Store/Access Containers may cause
the Workstations to pause or exit while loading/returning items
Change Your Characters Appearance (Mirror in Bath Area)
Navmeshed Indoor and Exteriors
Optimimized with Room Bounds and Portals
Navmeshed Basement w/ Seperate Trapdoor Exterior Entrance
(Trapdoor Key Located in the Master Bedroom in Strongbox on top of Safe)
Followers Barracks
Underground Pool
Auxilary Armory
Bath and Kitchen
Plumbed Sinks and Showers
Lightable Fireplaces
Exterior Greenhouse Area w/ Hearthfire Style Planters
Two Bedrooms for Children (6 Beds)
Plenty of Room for Followers (24 Beds)
Kitchen Area with Oven and Cooking Pot
Themed Storage for Raw Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Salt Pile, Wine and Mead
Display Area for all 14 Dragon Priest Masks
Display Area for all Daedric Artifacts
Display Area for all 7 Black Books
Display Area for all 3 Elder Scrolls
Display Area for all 5 Paragons
Displays for Bug Jars (Exterior Greenhouse Area)
Displays for Amulets (Nine Divines, Saarthal, Gauldur, Kynes Token (Master Bedroom)
Display Area for all 10 Dragon Claws & Right/Left Amethyst Claws
80+ Armor Mannequins
52+ Shield Plaques
10 Weapon/Shield Plaques
All Shrines of the Divines and Standing Stones (Shelves in Dining Area)
Enchanting Table's w/ Themed Storage for Scrolls and Soul Gems
Staff Enchanter w/ Themed Storage for Heart Stones
Imbuing Chamber for making Spider Scrolls w/ Themed Storage for Albino Spider Pods, Safe for Gems and Journal for all the Recipes
Alchemy Table's w/ Themed Storage for Ingredients and Potions
95+ Weapon Racks
Potion Racks (60)
12.5 Bookshelves (550 Books)
22 Large Display Cases
15 Small Display Cases
Indoor Forge, Smelter, Sharpening Wheel, Chopping Block, Armor Workbench, Tanning Rack
Themed Storage for Notes/Journals, Spell Tomes, Unique/Rare Books (Master Bedroom)
Themed Storage for Armors, Gauntlets, Helmets, Boots, Shields
Themed Storage for Maces, Battle Axes, Swords, Greatswords, Bows, Crossbows
War Axes, Daggers, Warhammers, Arrows, Bolts
Themed Storage for Ingots, Ores, Leather Supplies, Dragon Bones/Scales and Misc
Two In House Male Follower Npc's and a Female Merchant Npc ( Two are Marriageable)
Enable/Disable NPCs (Ledger in the Master Bedroom)
New Horse Npc

Minor changes from my original Skyfall Estate mod:

Slightly Dimer Lighting (This had to be done to reduce light flickering because of build function)
Minor cosmetic changes (Few areas I noticed that needed to be touched up)
Removed the Ledger Disable/Enable NPCs function (All NPCs are able to be hired separate or not hired at all)
Removed a Fireplace and the Dark Brotherhood Banner from the Trophy Room, Added another Mannequin, Weapon Racks and a Shield Plaque
The Basement (Aux. Armory, Pool and Followers Barracks) is now optional by choosing to build the "Hallway - Basement Door/Exterior Trap Door" option at the First Floor Workbench.
Sinks in the 1st Floor Guest Bedrooms can now be activated
Few more display cases/furniture pieces
Edits/bug fixes to the exterior navmesh
Replaced the Basement Load Doors
New Key Themed Storage/Skull Key Displays

Special thanks to Thyworm for the video review of Skyfall Estate..

All exterior options can be built at the 2nd floor Workbench
Hire the in house Merchant (Olivia) or talk to Gibson in The Bannered Mare to buy building supplies
Lower end PC users may see a slight drop in frame rate when first entering the home when it is fully furnished
(The home is Optimimized with Room Bounds and Portals to help reduce the impact but with a home of this scale it is normal, I have a PC with only 4GB RAM, I highly recommend using HIALGOBOOST to help with FPS)
Press the Disable/Enable Workbench Activator twice when first using then only one press is needed afterwards.
A small bug with the Armory lights sometimes flickering has been noticed in my testing (depending on what light sources you build), exiting the cell then returning seems to resolve this issue.

CTD, Low FPS (Related to Mannequins)
Mannequins are heavy on memory, there's a few memory patch mods available that will help with loading related issues..
SKSE 1.7.1 (or higher):

1. Download with NMM.
2. Manually install contents of archive in Skyrim/Data folder.

Note: For users of the previous (non-buildable) Skyfall Estate , select "Yes to all" to overwrite any Scripts, Meshes or Textures

Make sure to save outside of the cell being uninstalled.

1. Use NMM
2. Delete the SkyfallEstateBuildable.esp and any other files from this mod from your Skyrim/Data folder.

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