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New animations for one-handed, ideal for dual wielding but works for weapon and shield as well.

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This mod requires SKSE for the dual wield blocking function to work.
Please read the description.

Badass Dual Wielding is possibly my final contribution to the Nexus for animations, at least until the next game.

This is a mod I was working on before I quit modding. The original intended name was Dimachaerus but I decided to name it a more obvious name.

These animations are replacers for many one-handed animations. The animations included are for movement, drawing/sheathing, blocking, dual wield blocking with crossed weapons, a dual wield bash attack, a new sprinting attack and sprinting power attack (leaping cross slash), and some other animations adjusted to match. The draw/sheath animation is for weapons on back, so you will need a skeleton for this. I'm pretty sure XPMS or XPMSE is still the standard, so be sure to install that with one-handed weapons on back.

Badass Dual Wielding is ideal for dual wielding, obviously, but I did tweak it to be friendly with weapon and shield as well. However, I never did get around to adjusting the sneaking animations, but it's no big deal. The only issue is that blocking while sneaking will not be squared off perfectly, but who the hell blocks while sneaking anyway?

The included esp's are:

Dimachaerus - This adjusts the one-handed Critical Charge perk to deal double damage while dual wielding. This will be based off your main hand weapon, so to optimize you will want to keep your highest damage weapon in the main hand. The Critical Charge attack will also knock enemies to the ground.

Dual Wield Parrying - Credits go to Borgut1337 for allowing me to include his essential Dual Wield Parrying mod with Badass Dual Wielding.
Please head over to his mod and endorse if you haven't already: Dual Wield Parrying

There is an MCM menu for the included Dual Wield Parrying where you can modify the hotkey for blocking.

Here is an old video that demonstrates some animations in this mod:

And this video has another demonstration including the sprinting leap attack, starting at about the 3:00 mark:

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