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Double Bladed Akaviri Katanas

Author: haldir307

Many thanks to fushimi who did show me how to edit the skeleton meshes. ^^

For many times people reporting me the same problems they have when installing with and without NMM, but after my reply it works again, those problems doesn't exist at all in my mods, its happening from their mistake, did not get all the files they need and did wrong installation.
On the other hand, they may not read the description at all, NOT MY PROBLEM!
So pay attention because i wont reply anymore for the same subject!

1) First you need to install the Main File and then the Optional File(s) if you want, NOT just the Optional File(s)!!!
2) On NMM while overriding a file over the other, it says you "A different version of **** has been detected. The installed version is, the new version is.",
and it asks you "Would you like to upgrade?", also it says you "Selecting NO it will the new Mod normally", you should click NO and not YES, it will keep the main file and will replace the update files over the main file.

Its not hard to do it so! oo


I got inspired from Darth Maul's double bladed lightsaber in Star Wars I movie,
so i got this crazy idea to make this mod.
They are only 2H weapon type, craftable in Steel section of blacksmith and can be tempered.

The mod has four versions of main file, use only one! 
1) A vanilla version. "DBAK-Vanilla"
2) A compatible version for people who use SkyRealism - Shiny, i do not contain in my mod
any assests of MTichenor's mod, but in meshes i set the path for MTichenor's cubemap and it will be required,
so when you have already have SkyRealism - Shiny installed and then install
the compatible main file of my mod, the Double Bladed Akaviri Katanas
will have the Environmental Shaders like his Akaviri Katana. "DBAK-SkyRealismShiny Compatible"
3) Its the vanilla version with a skeleton mesh which replaces the vanilla 2H weapon sheathed position,
but it will affect all 2h weapons, in images you will see how it looks. "DBAK-Vanilla-Skeleton Replacer"
4) Its the SkyRealism - Shiny compatible version with the skeleton replacer. "DBAK-SkyRealismShiny Compatible-Skeleton Replacer"

I did also an optional file which includes only the esp, this esp contains Leveled Item lvl25,
it requires a main file first installed.
If the double bladed akaviri katanas will not appearing on some NPCs who are using an akaviri katana,
then you have to use lojack's Wrye Bash!
Well, how to use it?
The description and images of Wrye Bash are explaining you the usage or check alt3rn1ty's Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide

An other new optional file i made, it does change the weapon animation to 2H Axe.
DO NOT INSTALL WITH NMM, only manualy, because the zip contains two esp files, one with LVLI and one without,
Select the esp you want and replace it over the current one you have in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data.
Two images i have uploaded, armed and blocking, well you will see that the hands while blocking are over the blades and not over the hilt,
that is not an issue of my mod, that is how the animation was created from Bethesda for the vanilla 2h Axes,
sorry but i can't change it bcause i don't do animations.
I did not released this version on the first place because of the blocking, but since someone requested it, SovereignXII,
i guess more people might want this, so, what the hell! :)

The skeleton replacer does not require XPMS, XPMSE and FNIS.
Make sure that you do not already have a mod with custom skeleton which replaces:
meshes\actors\character\character assets\skeleton.nif
meshes\actors\character\character assets female\skeleton_female.nif

if you replace one with my skeleton, it will screw up your gameplay and
i don't get responsibility for your actions, its your own risk to take, so be carefull what you do!

In all of my versions, i have also a Revert Double Bladed Akaviri Katana included,
in images you will see how it looks.

I do not include any texture, so the Double Bladed Akaviri Katanas can have
the same custome texture you are using for the Akaviri Katana.
*But i suggest the people who will use the Compatibility main file, not to use any other custom
texture mod, because SkyRealism - Shiny already uses its own textures and 
it may break the specific shine effect if you replace them!

I did an other custome skeleton which does not replace anything,
but it works only for the Double Bladed Akaviri Katanas, i created a standalone bone in the vanilla skeleton.nif just for this weapon,
i did not released it yet because it has an issue, when i draw this weapon, it stays sheathed on back
and in hands i am holding only air.
I checked in creation kit if i need to duplicate and edit few things, found nothing,
i think it has to do with scripts and have no idea about scripting.
*If anyone knows what this issue can be and how it can be fixed,
please contact me in personal conversation.

There is one thing i did not mentioned from the beginning.
This mod is 99% as a Weapon and 1% as an Animation.
My skills have nothing to do with animations, bones and scripts!
What i did for that weapon position on back is something i thought it would be nice
and would like to share that idea, but unfortunately to make the standalone bone fully functioning
is something beyond my knowledge and that is why i ask above for help.


Extract the main file you want, but only one, then copy the folder "Data" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim
Run SkyrimLauncher, click to Data Files and checkmark the empty box of the DoubleBladedAkaviriKatana.esp,
checkmark the empty box of Load Loose Files and click OK.
Attention please, if the Data Files section is grey and isn't working, go to this directory:
C:\Users\****\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
and open SkyrimPrefs.ini, find the [Launcher] and type under of the last line,
those two lines exactly like they are:
Save and close it, go back to SkyrimLauncher and enable the checkmarks i told before,
you are ready to enjoy the Double Bladed Akaviri Katanas.

Recommended Mod to use the 2h weapon and as 1h:
Unlocked Grip by DServant

Made by haldir307

It has been a long time i since stopped modding and i don't intend to create or update anything, life has changed for me on many ways, but this does not mean that i will stop playing video games and looking for new mods to play, i also like to give some ideas to moders and i don't need any credit for giving ideas.
So from now on i'm giving to everyone my permission to do what you want with my mods, but don't forget to add me and my co-moder(s) in your Thanks list, just ignore the Permission section in the Readme.txt of every mod i made, have fun! ;)