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Patches to combine JKs Towns, ETaC, and Arthmoor's villages.

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Incompatible with ETaC version 14
I'm working on it though.
Progress Meter: |||||||||||||

Currently working on: Kynesgrove

Version 1.04
+ ETaC 13.9.6 supported
- JK's Skyrim All-In-One version is coming soon. When I finish rewriting my conversion script. Which seems to be taking longer than I expected.

Everyone knows about JK's beautiful town overhauls and MissJennaBee's charming and immersive town and city expansions. Now the two can coexist without any conflicts! JK's Dragonbridge, FalkreathIvarstead, Morthal, Riverwood, Dawnstar ,Rorikstead, and Winterhold are now compatible with Expanded Towns and Cities.

Load Order
  • Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp
  • Immersive Stables.esp
  • LeafRest OnePiece.esp
  • Inns and Taverns.esp
  • [Arthmoor's towns].esp
  • ETaC _____.esp
  • JK's _____.esp (Do not use the Leafrest version, even if you have Leaf Rest)
  • ETaC _____ - _____ Patch.esp
  • [Patches related to JK's; e.g. No Snow Under the Roof].esp
  • Skyrim Bridges.esp
  • Stryker Patch - _____.esp

Remove or disable any esp files you don't need, of course.

No Version for JK's Skyrim All-In-One?
The code that I wrote to convert patches from one set of masterfiles to another just got borked as I was converting the patches to JK's Skyrim all-in-one. One of the files that contained my custom code got corrupted, and I don't have any backups (stupid mistake). There are thousands of FormIDs that have to be converted when switching masterfiles, and it's impossible to do manually, so unless I find a way to rebuild the conversion code that I wrote, there will be no JK's Skyrim All-In-One version. Fortunately, using JK's Towns combined with JK's Cities gives you the same experience. Or you can use the old version of my patches, but there are a couple of navmesh errors in that one.

Patches upon Patches
Extra patches are also included for:

More Info
My philosophy in creating this patch was to avoid reinterpreting JK's and MJB's work as much as possible, which means that conflict resolution should mainly involve removing content rather than rearranging it, unless it can be fixed with minor position adjustments. However, some areas require a bit more creativity in order to keep as much content as possible from both mods. In such cases, I've done what I can to preserve the intent of the original mods and make sure that the new version is both recognizable and believable. This is where you're getting your money's worth.

Please let me know if you find any problems (and when you do, tell me that you sorted with LOOT and put these patches at the bottom of your load order).

Groovtama for helping me learn how to convert the patches for JK's Skyrim and Towns
 for JK's Skyrim
missjennabee for Expanded Towns and Cities
Arthmoor for his wonderful village mods
FatalxSyn for Immersive Stables
bjs_336 for Skyrim Bridges
Prometheus for No Snow Under the Roof
aukmat for Leaf Rest
menathradriel for Inns and Taverns