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The Elixir of Exploration, the ultimate dungeon delver's brew. A powerful multi-purpose potion that was created with the dungeon explorer in mind, and comes in comes in five, rare and expensive variants.

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                           I will try to port this when the time comes 


This mod adds and integrates the famed super potion from Oblivion; The Elixir of Exploration into Skyrim. 

"The Elixir of Exploration is a multi-purpose potion that was obviously created with the dungeon explorer in mind. The formula describes many magnitudes of the brew!" -Sinderion 

For those who didn't play Oblivion or don't remember, the Elixir of Exploration was a quest reward for the infamous "Seeking Your Roots" quest.

As you brought in more nirnroot to the master alchemist Sinderion, he would give you stronger bottles of the elixir. 

While I was delving in Blackreach doing the "A Return To Your Roots" quest, I got to wondering about why the Elixir of Exploration wasn't in Skyrim, so I thought; "huh, that would make a neat little mod..adding that to the game" So I did. o: I almost didn't upload this as it is such a little, simple mod..but I thought why not, someone might like it.

Anyway, The Elixir of Exploration comes in five variants: Weak, Moderate, Strong, Grand, and Crimson. All variants, minus crimson, can be bought, found, or even given as a random quest reward. However, they are rare and expensive(to balance out the potions power) and hard to find. 


Fortify Health 20 points for 300 seconds 

Fortify Health and Stamina 20 points for 300 Seconds 

Fortify Health and Stamina 20 points, Fortify One/Two Hand, Destruction, Restoration, lockpicking, and Sneak 5 points for 300 seconds 

Fortify Health and Stamina 20 points, Fortify One/Two Hand, Destruction, Restoration, lockpicking, and Sneak 10 points for 300 seconds 

Fortify Health and Stamina 30 points, Fortify One/Two Hand, Destruction, Restoration, lockpicking, and Sneak 10 point for 300 seconds, Cure Poison and disease 

- *Crimson is unique, and there are only 3 bottles in the game! They are all in Sinderion's Field Laboratory in Blackreach. 

- It may take a few days for them to start showing up with vendors, as well they are rare, so it might be a bit before you start seeing them(of course Arcadia's Cauldron will always have the weak version no matter what) Though they should begin to show up with vendors after a few in-game days and their stock as respawned.

- Guaranteed places to find bottles: 

Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun will always have a bottle or two of the weak variant. 

All variants can be found in Sinderion's Field Laboratory in Blackreach. And this is the only place you can find the unique Crimson variant(They DO NOT respawn, so use wisely!) 


- Latest version of Skyrim(I.e. update.esm)


If you do not know how to install mods manually..use NMM 




- Any mod that edits Sinderion's Field Laboratory or Arcadia's vendor chest might conflict.




You do not have permission to reupload to here, the Nexus, or anywhere without My explicit permission, if you want to use this in a compilation pack, ask Me first as well.


- Me, for wasting too much time on this..
- Bethesda Softworks(for making the game)
- Xbone/PS4 Console Sticker is by yevvie

Finale Note: 

- This mod uses only vanilla assets.
- If you have any questions, feel free to send Me a message on here, the Nexus, or on Tumblr(I am on there everyday) 

My Tumblr

I really hope you enjoy My mod! Have fun. :)