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Removes shader effects (aka Glow/coating) from weapons, armor, potions, stoneskin etc. foods and more. You know you want it ! ;D Now with an exclusive bonus pack!

Permissions and credits
Shaders Begone V2.1 Update:

-fixes close wounds.
-fixes and adjusts stuff I can't remember.
-(complete version) re-implemented the membrane shader for frost damage, as it was desirable in 1st person.
-(complete version) removed one or two additional undesirable membrane shaders.
-Changed soul capture cast sound to mono** (stereo version included read notes).

Sounds Good (Skyrim Edition) V2.0 Update:

Massive update. I won't litter the page with a long list, since this is, officially, a bonus pack.
Read the included notes for a partial list.
Requires version 1.0 despite the size.
Highly recommended complimentary mods: Wet&Cold + Dynamic Snow + Climates of Tamriel.
If you can find some intense rain mod - get that too - oh and inform me where. :D


Update ! (old News)
That took a while, didn't it. :D sorry 'bout that.
Even made an exclusive bonus pack, to show just how sorry. :p

- File Cleaned by Sharlikran (thank you friend).
- All relevant entries edited to reflect the changes introduced by the USKP.
- Fixes numerous shaders previously missed or re-introduced by patches.
- Seperated the various "skins" oak,iron,stone,ebony,dragon and made custom sounds for each.
- Muffle has it's own sound set now.
- Candlelight has it's own cast sound now.
- The custom SoulTrap sound set have been improved and expanded upon.
- Custom sound sets for Healing & Fast Healing.
- Better weapon impact for elemental effects (complete version only). Now only uses the particle shader.
- And some more sounds I think.

As you can see there's quite a few sounds in this version.
The reason is that, sounds and decals for "magic effects" are tied together.
So I had to implement some sounds this way, they were actually intended to be part of the bonus pack.
To be sure I didn't miss anything or split the two wrongly, do yourself a favor and get the Pack.
It's like 98% of my efforts.
Anyway, the Mod IS standalone and can be used as such - in case your deaf. :D
Using the sound overhaul without Shaders Begone is also possible, but you'll miss out on the sounds implemented via that avenue, obviously.
But then, why would you be here?
Maybe you came just for the sound overhaul?
Well then, get Shaders too, it's the sane thing to do.


-Removes shader effects from - Weapons (but not the "OnHit FX" and not ChillRend & DragonBane)

-Removes shader effects from - Armor.

-Removes shader effect when equipping new enchanted armor!

-Removes shader effects from - Potions.

-Removes shader effects from - Foods.

-Removes shader effects from - OakSkin, StoneSkin, IronSkin, Muffle and Buffs. ( But not "Cloaks")

-Removes shader effects from - Scroll Effects. (Rally, Rout, Hysteria, Harmony, Calm, Pacify etc.)

-Removes shader effects from - Fear, Courage, Frenzy and similar spells. (But not "Soul Trap")

And a bunch of others, listing from memory...

Shield Charge, Paralyze, Racial Abilities, Elemental Fury, Dismay, Transmogrify, Slow, Call of the Wild, Mercer Frey ...and more.


- v0.999 Added version that doesn't remove shader effects from weapons.

- v1.1 Ebony Mail update/fix
(Black shader removed completely and smoke puffs only trigger when actual damage is dealt, not while sneaking.)

- v1.2

+ Soul Trap Fixed. (removed from weapons, read comment section?)
+ Soul Trap now has it's own casting sound (was MageLight)
+ Custom sounds for all Soul Trap events, Cast/Active/Capture(die)/Capture(trap)

Thanks to everybody who take the time to report their observations, I'm just one man with one character. :)