About this mod

This is an Hardcore ENB for Hardcore gamers

I 've always thought Skyrim was a great recall of a northen landscape and i love it cause reminds me of the place i choose to live ,Finland.
But i 've always thought there was something missing in this game and expecially in ENBs preset...expecially for what

Permissions and credits


This is a new version updated to match and adapt to the new Fantastic mod 


Vivid Weathers - a complete Weather and Visual overhaul for Skyrim by Mangaclub and Kesta 

This is a unique file, the night is still dark but not too much
(basicly is a version more light than my previous normal version)
Compatible with Elfx interiors and enchanter if you want darker and warmer lights interiors

- low fps loss (around 5/10fps) -

Feel free to send me your screenshots!!

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Realistika ENB

Introduction :
I've been working the last 3 months (basicly all summer) to improve the DarkLight ENB,
and finally i can release the 2.0 version. (check the video) 
There was few things i've never liked of the vanilla Skyrim,
light is so artificial expecially in the interiors and Night is over bright and
what i've never liked in all ENBS i've tried,
it was the same problem, nights too brights and notso realistic.
Nights so brights makes torches and night or predator vision useless and this kill the immersion of the game,
so what i have done it's an ENB that really use the lights and
with almost realistic dark and spooky nights, so that u will forced
to use torches, magic light or night/predator vision.
This make the game a little more competitive,
cause enemies will be difficult to be spotted during the
night, i know that this enb is not for everyone (reason i released a
light version also) but give it a try, a little challenge it's always good!
I know there are mods to make nights realistic,
but why not free a place in ur load order with this ENB?!

Darklight 2.0

Features :

  • brights and clean and colorfuldaytimes
  • Dark nights
  • foggy areas
  • realistic spot lights (this meanslight sources does the light as it should be )
  • dark dungeons,ruins and caves (noartificial lights)
  • realistic lights interiors   

i left a read me with full explanation in the enb folder
1)download enbseries v 0.292 or Latest (305 now) 
take the d3d9.dll into the skyrim game folder (choose wrapped vrs)
Inthe Skyrimprefers.ini ( mydocuments/mygames/Skyrim ) set this value:
bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 must be set in SkyrimPrefs.ini file to make this mod work.
Skylighting to work correctly require rendering objects to shadow, so
edit manually following lines in file SkyrimPrefs.ini:


If you don't have one of this strings you need add it 

2) extract all files from the Archive and out of the box into the skyrim game folder,
do any substitution if ask

Launchskyrim with the tesv.exe, in the option Video Card set OFF
then close

launch the game with SKSE launcher (if you use it)

3) In game i subjest to low down to 0 the brightness or use it at
lower level as u like...

For windows 10 users, remember to delete the dxgi.dll and the dxgi.fx or your game will crash



Just take all the file out from ur skyrim directory, scripts clean

Mods Suggested:
I suggest to use ELFX and Climates of Tamriel for a better performance
(i will describe how to set them down below)
Anyway the ENB works great also with different set up 
Download all the mods that will make ur Skyrim beautiful
(i would only recommend ”TRUE STORM” ) 

If you use  ELFX:
just don't get the weather patch
Choose all the option as ur taste,
i'll suggest to set also the enchanter (i recommend it),
but it's a matter of taste

If you use  Climates of Tamriel:
Set all the option DEFAULT (u don't need darker nights, enb does it)
add the weather patch for Climates of Tamriel and set it like this:
Choose FOG (my taste)
snow -40%

Follow the installation instruction of the mod, then install normally the ENB
All the setting in of the MCM menu has been left on default,
so feel free to try something different
(i didn't test it yet, so your own decision )
For other mods follow of course the VIVID WEATHER compability

Tattics suggested:

suggestions and tattics:
When i'm out in the dark depends on the situation i split from torches to N/P vision
Outside and wilds  i use Night vision with torches if the path is too dark
cave and dungeons (depends on enemies )predator vision or torches
ruins nightvision or predator vision
This tattic works good for me.


Some location are really dark: This is a frequent question, well i use the light that comes from light spots (so candles and torches) main reason there's no so much light it's because Bethesda didn't provide too much light spots as it should be, candle is not an electric light so light diffusion is very low as same as torches, Bethesda compensate with an irrealistic ambient light, my enb wants to be realistic so add more indirect light would break the porpuose of my Preset (we have to wait for a mod that add more spot lights in every scene)


I want to thank theSkyrim-Italia FB Fanpagefor all the support and help i had testing the ENB on different set up, i don't need to put names , you know who you are!!
Vent0and his incredible sweetfx setting (that is included in my ENB )http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57242/? - Mindflux for his particle patch enb
Matso for hisenbeffectprepass.fx,
Mangaclub and Kesta for the amazing VIVID WEATHER MOD 
(For any permission issues ,i followed the instruction left from autors ) AND of courseBoris Vorontsovfor ENB