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Adjusts the movement speed of NPCs and player.

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Adjusts the movement speed of NPCs and player to give a better immersion into the game world. Works well with big overhauls as Perkus Maximus.

Most important changes

Walking: 80 to 105 - the walking was so slow that it made me to never walk, even while roleplaying. This changes that!
Running: 370 to 310 - it felt wrong that characters can run like a wind with no sign of fatigue. This value is imho a sweet spot.
Sneaking: 200 to 125 - no more skating.
Sprinting: 500 to 480 - balance, so you won't be as fast as a horse.

All values are rounded, making sure that everything is synchronized. The way it was supposed to be from the start.

Known issues

Sadly, some speeds are hard-coded into the game engine. Also, The engine has problems with changing the movement states of the character. I made sure that the most states have similar values to hide these glitches.


additional information:
ESP file is clean and mergeable.

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