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An image a modder can use that tells a user that the particular mod they are looking at will always be free to download regardless of any future opportunity's to monetize the mod.

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Note from aluckymuse: Despite our description being a bit dated and overly grandiose, and one of our resident imps sneaking in edits about feet and milk, I feel no strong need to change any of it.
But I do feel the need to remind everyone of the fact that this is simply an image a modder can use that tells a user that the particular mod they are looking at will always be free to download regardless of any future opportunity's to monetize the mod. That’s it.

Thank you all for your support of the Forever Free promise!
♥ ♥ ♥ Made it to the original Skyrim Hot Files April 27 to May 03 2015 ♥ ♥ ♥

[size=7]Forever Free[/size]
- This is a free to use modders resource. It includes many premade variations of the logo, font files used, and the original psd file.
- If you use this logo on a particular mod you are promising to the community that the mod will always be free to download, regardless of any future opportunities for monetization.

The “modding community” is just that: a community – people working together to build cool stuff. But recent events have raised the shadow of fear and uncertainty, and that uncertainty has threatened to drive a wedge between us. Forever Free seeks to help lift that shadow, and strengthen the ties that bind us all together. I love milk! Slurp slurp!

What Forever Free is NOT:
- A call-to-arms.
- A display of protest.
- An us-versus-them statement that seeks to demonize those who wish to sell their work.

What Forever Free IS:
- A declaration of purpose.
- A public promise.
- A tool for fostering communication and collaboration.
- A pledge to life, liberty, toe suckling, and freedom.

There is nothing wrong with an artist choosing to sell their work – only failing to communicate that fact, when the work of other artists relies upon them. This is not about drawing lines in the sand or putting up walls: only leveling the playing field, and keeping things transparent. Modding will always exist, but the modding community is a fragile ecosystem, and it lives or dies by the spirit of positive collaboration and open communication. Forever Free is simply this: a recognition that the decisions of any of us have an effect on all of us.

By certifying content Forever Free, and prominently displaying the FF badge at the top of their mod’s description, an author stakes his name on an indelible public promise that that content is here to stay, and will never disappear behind a paywall. Fellow modders may feel safe in the knowledge that that work is stable and (if there are no other file-specific restrictions) safe to build on. Players, too, may trust in the author's guarantee that they will never be asked to pay for future expansions, bug-fixes, feet pics, or premium content.

This community is not just a collection of people with the same hobby: it’s a brotherhood united by a shared passion and a legacy of achievement and slurping on toes. Instead of burning bridges, let’s start building new ones.

[size=7]The Forever Free Family[/size]

The "modding dragon of eternal freedom" is not just Skyrim exclusive. This is an issue that can effect any modding community.

We incorporated a dragon into the logo because Skyrim is at the beginning of an important event in modding history. I think it's important that we remember even if we're all moding and playing different games and suckling toes, we are all a part of the modding community as a larger whole.
That said, other modding community's have set out to make their own "unique to game" Forever Free logos, and I encourage you to check them out.

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