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A pack of various texture maps for modders that need to apply some substance to their models and meshes.

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UPDATE 2017: I'll be adding PBR workflow textures for presentation very soon. For presentation or maybe for TES6...who knows...

This is the first pack of texture resources I'm releasing for free, mod use only. Some of them I used on the knuckles/katars/claws for T3nd0's Perkus Maximus and I'm gonna use for the upcoming The Creation Kid's Awake: Rise of Mannimarco.

All diffuse were painted and crafted from scratch, no photographs were used (that's a design decision I've made). Normals and specular were generated and carefully tweaked to balance real materials vs. visual impact. You may want to use or tweak additional maps like occlusion and displacement to bake additional details to your meshes.

All textures follow the specular workflow.

I advise you to adjust scale according to your UV map islands scale. If you want to array/repeat them side-by-side, I tried to make all of my textures seamless (and I think i did it), so there shouldn't be any problem.  

They are something between medium-high quality for Skyrim standards. If you're good at Photoshop/GIMP, try to apply something unique details to the maps according to your project or tastes to add more flavor to them. Also, creating your own normals/spec and mixing them with my material normals is a useful skill. There's plenty of tutorials on the web and many programs that can teach you how to do so.

File names are kept as source tweaking softwares name it cuz it's better to find within some many files you're gonna have inside your folders. If you're using Crazybump, Bitmap2Material, Knald, some PS or GIMP plugin, set your texture map type to caps, it'll help. If you are new to texture modding, be sure to know how files are named and saved when they're ready to use inside Skyrim, that's extremely important. Maybe you should check this page. Also message me if you have any technical doubt.

Inside the packs you'll gonna find a preview picture of each material using the 5 texture maps that come with it. Try to mix the dffuse from one material with the normals from another one or using a occlusion as bump map. This kind of mixing game can produce unique results.

For now it contains 32 materials: 

- 3 bones;
- 2 copper-ish;
- 6 dwemer;
- 3 ebony;
- 4 iron;
- 1 leather
- 1 malachite;
- 3 moonstone;
- 1 old steel;
- 1 old stone;
- 2 orichalcum;
- 1 organic;
- 1 rust;
- 2 steel;
- 1 wood.

You can request materials texture map packs in the forum section.

New and updated packs will be uploaded to this very page.

It would be nice if you link to this mod page if you use any of my textures and warn me about your mod using it. Then we can support each other.

Check some of my Skyrim texture work.

ps.: Hail Snakey