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A mod that aims to fix and improve on the one big boss in Skyrim

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I was unhappy about the way the Ebony Warrior was made in vanilla, a rather formidable opponent yet can be a huge frustration to go up against, thanks to a few bad choices made in vanilla. Especially annoying are instances where the Warrior randomly shouts you off to your inevitable death or randomly deflects your melee blows out of nowhere to insta-kill you in 1 freakin' hit. Maybe these aren't as noticeable when you're playing as a mage, spellsword or sneak archer, but it's another story altogether when going face-to-face in melee combat, which is the mod mainly concerns with. 

This mod aims to improve The Ebony Warrior in all aspects, both in gameplay and character. Ultimately this means enhancing the Warrior to be more reasonable as an opponent while also amped up to be far, far, more a challenge. The scales should be balanced and ensure a fairer, more bloodier battle.

Found even the Legendary Ebony Warrior too easy the first time? Try again with this mod...

= Boosted stats of Health, Magicka and Stamina 
= Huge upgrades in armor defenses
= Huge upgrades in weaponry
= Unrelenting Force is removed and replaced by several new shouts including Disarm, Elemental Fury, Marked for Death..
= Removed the Reflect Blow perk to prevent the ridiculous 1-hit kill advantage
= New spells and perks such as more destruction spells and Ebonyflesh (replacing the weaker IronFlesh)
= Resistance to Unrelenting Force. The Warrior can't Thu'um your ass off a cliff now, so it's only fair you can't either
= More added depth to character: Defeat The Warrior and get to know The Warrior's backstory and what his motives were
= New powerful and exclusive gear used: Small warning, these are very, very overpowered s****.
= Now The Warrior is a bigger threat than ever before. Ensure you're well-prepared or you'll get the thrashing of your life

AMidianBorn Ebony Armor
Ebony Helmet Reshaped
Deadly Combat
Enemy AI Enhanced by Erkeil