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A player home for the Dragonborn in the elegant but decaying ruins of a forgotten temple, with an emphasis on realism and atmosphere.

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Deep within the mountains, near the borders of Tamriel, lies the crumbling ruins of a once-noble temple. Explore the elegant rubble, discover the traces of an unknown warrior, and find a new home amidst magic and mystery.

  • Unique, realistic, and visually-appealing static storage for all player items and types
  • Dozens of hand-placed static items to provide a realistic, lived-in atmosphere that makes sense
  • Practical, simple design with an eye for realism
  • No automated, teleporting, self-sorting, multi-dimensional storage, just good old-fashioned boxes, crates, bags, and chests
  • All player crafting facilities
  • Hand-placed lighting with an emphasis on maximum effect but minimal performance impact
  • A realistic, unique environment suitable for almost every character type
  • Beautifully detailed, lore-friendly weapons as an end-of-game reward (courtesy of FrankFamily)

Requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard expansions

Video (Courtest of AusGigo)

As I'm not ordinarily a modder, I want to give this to the community to use how you will. Add to it, change it, improve it, tweak it, and most of all, enjoy it. Of course, if there's any major issues I'm happy to try to fix them with my limited knowledge. Please don't upload to Steam Workshop, I'd like this to be a gift to the Nexus crowd. Thanks for everything!

I do NOT know how to clean modfiles aside from the automated functions on TES5Edit, so if someone else more knowledgeable than I would like to take a look and see if anything needs to be fixed, I would greatly appreciate it. I did my best not to screw anything up too much, though I'm sure there are some things that could be fixed. And if anyone wants to NavMesh it for companions, PLEASE DO. I have no knowledge, skill, or desire in that area.

This mod is the result of some sudden inspiration on my part, and I've spent way too much time spend obsessively working on it. I truly hope you enjoy it.

(PS - Poof, it WAS dragons.)

Coming Soon Eventually Hopefully:
  • Displays and mannequins
  • Armor 
  • More purpose for the shrine/cave area

Also, I'd like to firmly endorse Spacepancake's FANTASTIC 'Feykro' player home. It's without a doubt one of the best homes I've seen on here, both in regards to design and practicality. I highly recommend you check it out as well.