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Name : Critter Variants
Version : V1.1+V2.0 (basically N/A)
Date : 23 May 2013
Category : Resource
Author(s) : jsnider193

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Critter variants for use within Skyrim. A re-texturing of various creatures for use within Skyrim by modders. I will be using these in a mod developing but if others wish to co-op them into their mods have at it.

Added: 30 Jan 2012 .. A group of meshes and textures to provide alternate versions of the Falmer. Available as a resource for those that would like to use, will be adding in later for my own mod but heck feel free to use if want.

Added 9 Feb 2012 .. some Draugr variants done in a stone like texture that includes armor variants also for the males at this point. This includes the entire suite of Draugr and same base variants for those that want to experiment.

Added 12 Feb 2012 .. 3 medium and 3 giant stonecrabs implemented with esp, meshes, and textures into the game. They are larger then normal mudcrabs and more aggressive. In general they will be found in same locations as mudcrabs but since a hardier breed you may find them in strange locales. Enjoy and feel free to use as a resource if you want. If you look into the esp you will note that there are other nakedskins besides what implemented will be coming in future adds. Takes a while for them to show based on your clean up/reccle settings for the game.

18 Feb 2012: Changed the texture for the Draugr variants in the update .. gives a tad more detail and some more bone structure.

20 Feb 2012: Re-upload for the Stonecrabs with some minor tweaks and changes to get all the LVLN working .. wear good armor.

28 Feb 2012: Added 3 variants of spiders into the world each comes in 2 sizes for 6 different multi legged hunters.

11Mar 2012: In addition to the 20/28 Feb variants have now incorporated Spriggans (4 normal and 4 Mothers) and 6 Chaurus (normal and Reapers) into the esp.

19 Apr 2012: Added 5 variants for Bears that can be incorporated into mods as adds to the existing Bears in the game. If someone wants a different look just ask .. same applies to other creatures have done.

23 April 2012: Added 15 variants for Giants. Additionally added 3 different looking weapons that can be used by the giants if desired plus a different looking toe if want to enhance it's ability over the normal toe in the game.

4 May 2012: Added mesh and textures for multiple dwarven sphere, spider, and steam centurion variants. See posted images for what is available. If other looks are desired please ask and give some info on what is wanted.

6 May 2012: Added another variant for Falmer, this one has a blue scaled look suitable for water creature if desired. Only meshes and textures.

11 may 2012: Added four different meshes/textures for Flame Atronachs .. flame look changed on 2 of them, see images.

12 may 2012: Added two different meshes/textures for a different look to Sabres .. a resource.

17 May 2012: Added new Draugr variations, 4 in total. The 1st is the stone variant smoothed out with a less rough exterior (original is in old if prefer it). The 2nd is a variant with scaled snake skin in an orange black look. The 3rd is one with interleaved iron slats covering the variant. These 3 have female variants also. The last is a totally tattooed body that is male only .. I use it as the forge master or a magic variant at the top of the tree for the Stone Draugr Race.

21 may 2012: Added variants for Draugr Armors and Hair both male and female .. mesh and textures only.

3 June 2012: Added 5 variants of wisps .. meshes and textures only .. as a resource.

5 June 2012: Added new version for sabre cat variants (3 vs 2) and included pelts for each variant plus trophy heads for your wall. Meshes and textures only.

23 June 2012: Added frost and storm variants for use as resources.

26 August 2012: Four different looks for wolves.

27/31 August 2012: Four different Spriggans/Matrons with the glow (-g dds) minimized to better show the underlying textures. Uploaded new meshes to fix the yellow overlay on the critters in the game.

22 Sep 2012: Added eight (8) different variants for skeletons. A resource for use if have a need for a quick place holder or such. See images for how they look.

18 Nov 2012: Added three different variants for the hagraven. A resource for use if have a need for a quick place holder or such. See images for how they look.

30 Dec 2012: Added new hagraven file with 4 variants. Added a Dragon Priest file with 3 different variants.

18 Feb 2013: Added 5 variants for Haulking Draugr from DLC2 .. need this to be legal .. for use as a resource.

10 May 2013: Added 3 variants for the Chaurus Flyer from DLC1 .. need this to work/be legal.

23 May 2013: Added 5 different looks for the Vampire Brute in DLC1.

13 June 2013: Added 4 variants for Vampire Dogs, 4 variants for Vampire Lords and 1 variant for Vampire Lords male armor.

General: Version 1.1 of this mod adds in variants for the following creatures.

Atronachfrost: Adds 3 modifications to this creature.
Chaurus: Adds 6 variants. NOW incorporated into an esp and placed in game world.
Frostbitesspider: Adds 2 variants. NOW incorporated into an esp and placed in game world.
Icewraith: Adds 6 variants .. includes 6 complimentary 2ndform meshes.
Mudcrab: 2 variants. NOW incorporated into an esp and placed in game world.
Spriggan: 4 base spriggans and 4 matrons. Textures redone and updated to better show the underlying looks and better differentiate from vanilla spriggan.
Falmer: 3 main variants but 21 different meshes for use in 2 separate files.
Draugr: 1 main variant but with 18 different meshes that can be used. (18 Feb) Added an additional variant but with only the base mesh at this point.
Bears: Five different looks for the bear available for use .. will be added into redo of the esp in a short period as this is being redone as an esm/esp pair.
Giants: resource with 15 different looking giants for fun and amusement.
Wisp: Resource .. 5 different looking wisp meshes/textures.
Sabre Cats: Resource .. 3 variants with different looks.
Wolves: Resource .. 4 sets of meshes and textures for wolves (one gray, scaled, night terror, and fire) plus mounted heads for each.
Hagravens: 4 different variants with release taday available .. see images.
Dragon Priest: 3 variants available for use in this release ..

DLC Based Additions:

DLC1 -

Chaurus Flyer: 3 variants
Vampire Brute: 5 variants .. see image section for look.
Vampire Dogs: 4 variants .. see image section.
Vampire Lords: 4 male variants (female shortly) and 1 male armore variant .. see image section.

DLC2 - Dragonborn

Haulking Draugr: 5 variants using the same look as the Draugr from base Skyrim.

Note: If you know what AV is have been releasing these as individual AVPs for use in the game, if not search under automatic and you will find it (worth the effort).

Included in esp: Note: textures have been edited over main file and have a somewhat different look.

Stonecrabs: 3 medium and 3 giant versions added into the game via included esp.
Spiders: Three variants (large and giant versions of each) .. one predominately in the colder regions, one for the forests an 1 for hot regions. See images for how they look.
Spriggans: NOW incorporated into an esp and placed in game world.
Chaurus: NOW incorporated into an esp and placed in game world.

Detail: This main files contains only the meshes and the textures for the supplied variants, no esp is included. Thus to get into the game will have to integrate as you desire .. I will be doing this later but if need something along these lines then have at it.

See mod 'Critters Running Wild' for these variants in the game.

Manual Installation:
Modders resource you will need to integrate into your mod as appropriate.

Stonecrab and spider optional resource includes esp to add creatures into the game if so desired.

Manual Uninstall:

Stonecrab and Spiders = remove esp

Will add more creature variants overtime, and will also provide further esps and/or update stonecrab/spider in the future to integrate into the leveled lists.

Known issues and bugs:
A resource .. but who knows if find a problem let me know and I will fix.

Stonecrab portion of the esp will conflict with other mods that mod the mudcrab LVLN (PISE does), so need to place below these mods (or make a BASH patch) if want the stonecrab to show up with mudcrabs. There are separate 'M' markers for both the stonecrab and spiders that should not be impacted.

Any mod that uses mudcrab LVLN, see above.

Leave a message here or send me a personnel

Riven Tats (a resource found in FNV) used to decorate some creatures.

Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines (
NifScope (

Legal and licensing:
You can modify and use as needed, but give credit if feel like it. Don't really mind if don't as I had fun making so that is all that matters