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1/2 Scale replica of the Imperial City from Oblivion Game. (From Steam Workshop). M7 2015. Uses Dragonborn DLC and Skyrim + Updates.

Permissions and credits

The Imperial City of Cyrodiil - by M7.


The Oblivion region known as the Imperial City of Cyrodiil has been recreated here at about 1/2 Scale replica using only

Dragonborn DLC and Skyrim, in Interior Cells Only (no World Spaces). All 8 Districts are represented: The Waterfront

(via Ship from Raven Rock Docks), Talos Plaza, Market District (with shops), the Palace District (Elder Council Chambers

doubles as a Player home with access to the Temple of the One, and the Imperial Prison cave Armory), Temple District,

Elven District, Arboretum (with wild deer), and the Arena (with 2 Arenas, combatants, rewards, etc.).

This Project started on June 8, 2014.

Included are: the Imperial Prison Cavern with 3 NPC Followers, 12 Mannequins, 5 Weapon Racks, 10 Book shelves, 17

storage chests, Skyforge (etc.), secret entrance and exit (into the Imperial Prisons). Palace has a merchant, a follower

and a trainer. In the Merchant District there is a follower in The Best Defense store. (More to come...). Talos Plaza

and the Elven District have trapdoors to the Sewer system below.

All buildings are positioned as in the original Oblivion game, with exception to the Palace because it is rectangular

rather than circular, though the Mage Tower shown is the White Gold Tower from the original Imperial City. I am using

the Oblivion Game Guide and memory to place these buildings. The Imperial Legion / Prison and the Arcane University are

also present.




- Has parts of the Imperial City linked in order of appearance according to Oblivion Game Guide.
- Has Palace (Player Home) and Arcane University in Palace District.
- Has trees, buildings, waterfalls. etc.
- Added Merchants to Merchant District with stalls.
- Navmeshed Market District.
- Added "The Best Defense" (store) and "The Merchants Inn" ( 2 vendors total ) to MD.
- Added some misc. items for bathroom.
- Added Guards to Market & Palace Districts.
- Navmeshed Palace District, Market District and interior of Inn, Palace, and part of Arcane Univ.
- The Merchants Inn has decorations and patrons now.
- NM the Arena District, and added Guards and Arena (under renovation).
- Added cemetery to Arena District (from all the fallen Gladiators no doubt).
- NM the Arboretum and added Guards.
- Added "Yellow Team Trainee" NPC to Arena.
- Added a Sewer accessed in Elven District and Talos Plaza.
- Added Skeevers to Sewer (3).
- I changed costume armor of Guards to Imperial Guards.
- NM Temple District.
- I added an Arena Pavilion (with Pyromancer Boss as Arena Contestant - respawns).
- I added some Spectators above the Arena.
- I added a second Arena for a separate battle scene. Accessible in Arena Bloodworks.
- I added supplies in a barrel in the Arena Bloodworks and a Mara shrine.
- I added an Arena Quartermaster device in the Bloodworks to redeem Arena Awards found on enemy corpses. You exchange

the award letters for items like a sword or armor or potions. (Ref: World of Warcraft QM).
- I added Archmage Quarters and Lustratorium & basement to the Arcane University.
- The Imperial Legion is now accessible via the Market District.
- Imperial Weapons/Armor can be purchased in the Market District.
- I added the Waterfront and I also CHANGED THE ENTRANCE to a ship/Dwemer button.
- i upgraded an NPC to Archmage, and added some People to the City. Plus some misc. effects.
- I added the Temple of fhe One in the Palace (upstairs) with Dragon statue and seats.
- Tiber Septim Hotel is now in Talos Plaza.
- Update: Now the Imperial Prisons (The Bastion) is operational (with surprises if you can find them).
- Update: The Imperial Prison now has prisoners and a secret entrance to Cavern. :) M7.
- Added an Imperial Prison Cavern to the game, accessible via secret door in Palace.
- Update: I added some Followers (3 in cave, 1 in Palace, 1 in The Best Defense store).
- Update: I added another part to the Imperial Prison (Torture Chamber via secret door) with enemy Boss NPCs.
- I added a Daedra Lord to the IP Torture Chamber. Plus new Followers in the city.
- Update: The Tomb of Prince Camarril is in the Palace District now. (see the closed Well).
- Added Green Tiles to the roof of the buildings. More like Oblivion's Imperial City now.
- replaced exterior doors/interior doors (CTRL-F) with Oblivion type doors (winterholdLDoor).
- added a dome tower in the Palace district.
- Update: June 28, 2014: Added The All Saints Inn in Temple District (USE LEVER to activate door).
- Update: July 6, 2014: Renamed: Imperial Prison Cavern due to troll influx.
- Also I added a working shower in the Arena Bloodworks.
- update: July 28 2014: Changed some Guards to Imperial race + added banners.

The Imperial City:

Talos Plaza, Market District, Temple District, Arena District, Arboretum, Elven District, Palace District.


Credits/ideas for inspiration come from Bethesda for making Oblivion game & Skyrim / Dragonborn DLC.

M7 :)

Note: as soon as you press the Map Marker "go to Cyrodiil" you will be sent to the docks at Raven Rock. Next, press the

Dwemer button on the docks near the boat that says: "Waterfront" ; then you will enter the Waterfront District of