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Add several short dungeons with a short story

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Hi all, I release a pack of short dungeons.
This is a kind of coffee break on the way of making my Immersive Dungeons EP02 (I wonder if I can finish the EP02, though... -_- ).

=== About this mod ===
This mod adds currently 8 dungeons based on a short story related to small towns.
I will add more from time to time , I made this mod as 'expand-able'.

=== Story ===
The stories are spread out from an Adventurer's Guild in Whiterun hold. The guild deals with requests, researches or wipe-outs from small towns or people. Some requests are easy to finish, others are a bit difficult.

In the main hall of the guild you can get notes from small chests for each story leading to dungeons. No programmed scripts nor quest markers are implemented. The locations are shown on your map, so you cannot miss the dungeons (unless your "modded" Skyrim conflicts this mod).

The guild also offers lots of base materials for cooking and for the travel. So you can prepare for your adventure.

!!! Required Mods: all official DLCs !!!

- Dawnguard
- Dragonborn
- Hearthfire

!!! Install & Uninstall !!!
- Use the NMM or Mod Organizer kind
- You can do manually:
Place/Remove the main file into your 'Data' folder of Skyrim. Activate/Deactivate the file.

!!! Credit for resources !!!
- Autobow scripts by J3X (
- Dwemer assets by M150 ( 

=== Overall notices and warnings ===
- Cleaned with Tes5edit
- This mod uses several locations of 'Skyrim world', so if other mods (you installed) use the same location, there is incompatibility (CTD may happen perhaps). The degree of compatibility depends on your modified environment, so please check it yourself.
- If you happen to be dropped off or stuck, use the console-command 'tcl 1' (collision off) and get back to the ground, and type 'tcl 0' (collision on).
- If you have difficulty in slaying enemies or boss, just use the console-command 'kill' or toggle to the god mode.
- I will keep optimizing the performance for the GPU, and also keep improving.

=== Future Plan ===
- Add more short dungeons
- Add smithing place
- Add dungeons based on your requests (give me your story and basic dungeon design, I will try :) )