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This mod adds a new dwemer follower called Axiy. He uses unique textures and armor and summons unique mechanic creatures. You can find him in Kargenzel, the dwarven ruins near Riften. This mod was originally created by jesusoden, this is a reupload with his permission.

Permissions and credits

Please read "VERSION 2: MARKAN" in the Articles section for information
about the next iteration of the mod


This is a reupload, with his permission.

I've now found a voice actor, and the mod is soon to get an overhaul,
featuring a questline, plenty of lore and perhaps even the return of
the Dwemer themselves...

Markan (Axiy's new appearance and name)

Kagrenac (Yes, the Kagrenac, the Tonal Architect responsible for
the disappearance of the Dwemer...)

Yagrum Bagarn

Both Markan and Kagrenac will be available as followers, Markan after
the introductory quest, Kagrenac after a few quests, if you pick certain options...

This mod adds a new Dwemer follower called Axiy.
He uses unique textures and armour and summons unique mechanical creatures.

You can find him in Kargenzel, the Dwarven ruins near Riften.
Axiy is a spellblade
warrior. His sword is enchanted for extra damage against Falmer.

- Healing
-Conjure Mechanic Storm Atronach

- Conjure Mechanic Dwarven Worm
- Conjure Mechanic Flame Atronach

Extract the files into your /Skyrim/Data folder,
or use NMM.

Thanks to:
rahman530 for  Lore Friendly Armor Pack 
volvaga0 for Dwemer Goggles and Scouter
Anuiel for Dwemer Beards
Vicn for Vicn Creature Resources 
redtoxexiuTheDNightshade for screenshots

Highly recommended to download!
TDNFollowers - Snow Elf Mage Follower - Lester

Credit to jesusoden for creating the mod!