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Adds new creatures that can be summoned to fight for you.

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I like the Conjuration school of magic, and I like the variety of creatures you can summon to aid you in your adventures. This mod aims to expand on that variety, adding a number of new servants to help practitioners of magic and more mundane adventurers alike.

The inspiration for this mod came mainly from the golems of Jewish folklore - magical humanoid beings created from inanimate matter. I tried to implement these creatures in a different way from the atronachs of Elder Scrolls lore. This mod currently adds three new summons, but will be updated with more creatures in future.

IMPORTANT: This mod requires Dawnguard.


Minions differ from regular summoned creatures in these ways:
- Minions last until they are killed, like elemental or dead thralls.
- Minions are not summoned via spells, but by using "scrolls" crafted by the player.
- Each type of minion is associated with specific skills. The player's level in those skills determines the strength of the minion summoned.

Summoning a minion in four easy steps:

Step 1 - Go to the Atronach Forge, located in the Midden, below the College of Winterhold.
Step 2 - Combine the items you need to create a soul vessel (magic scroll) that will allow you to summon a minion.
Step 3 - Equip the soul vessel from the SCROLLS menu, and cast it like you would any other spell. You can use a soul vessel only once.
Step 4 - When your minion dies, it will drop an empty soul vessel. You can recharge this vessel at the Atronach Forge, or at an Altar of Binding.

Recharging an empty soul vessel at the Atronach Forge requires a greater, grand, or black soul gem. Recharging a soul vessel at an Altar of Binding requires a greater soul gem.

Altars of Binding can be found at the following locations:

- Ansilvund excavation, a Nordic ruin situated northeast of Shor's Stone.
- Haemar's Shame, a cavern located in Falkreath Hold.
- Ustengrav, a Nordic ruin found northeast of Morthal.
- Geirmund's Hall, a small crypt located east of Ivarstead.
- Morvunskar, a fort to the southwest of Windhelm.

These out-of-the-way locations were chosen to avoid conflicts with popular mods. More will be added in future updates after I have ascertained that they will not cause problems.

Summoning more powerful minions:

Each minion is available in three different forms of varying strength. Higher level minions are tougher, have better equipment, and have more spells, powers and abilities at their disposal. Which version of the minion you summon depends on your level in specific skills.
- At skill levels below 60, you will summon the weakest version of the minion.
- When your skill reaches 60, minions of intermediate strength are unlocked.
- The strongest minions become available when you reach level 90 in the appropriate skills.

A minion's level will be the same as the player's at the time of summoning. Minions will level up with the player until they reach their cap. Weak minions can reach a maximum level of 15, strong minions cap at level 25, and powerful minions at level 80.

The Minions:

Bronze Golems:
- Tough warriors made out of bronze. They fight with a sword and shield, and wear heavy armor.
- Immune to poison, 50% resistant to shock damage, 25% weak to fire.
- Their soul vessel is a Bronze Golem Heart.
- Recipe for Bronze Golem Heart:  Iron Ingot + Corundum Ingot + Dwarven Metal Ingot + Greater/Grand/Black Soul Gem.
- Become more powerful as the player's HEAVY ARMOR or SMITHING skills increase.

- Fragile but aggressive warriors with some basic magic abilities, inspired by the Glowing Ones from Fallout 3.
- 50% resistant to fire, 25% weak to frost.
- Deal magical damage through melee attacks, a shout, and a cloak spell.
- Their soul vessel is a Ghoul Skull.
- Recipe for Ghoul Skull: Torchbug Thorax + Raw Meat + Greater/Grand/Black Soul Gem.
- Become more powerful as the player's DESTRUCTION and ALCHEMY skills increase.

Crystal Simulacra:
- Crystalline humanoids that use a variety of spells, but have no melee fighting capabilities.
- Can shield and heal themselves, summon Crystal Golems, and attack using a number of offensive spells.
- 50% resistant to magic.
- Their soul vessel is a Crystal Blossom.
- Recipe for Crystal Blossom: Greater/Grand/Black Soul Gem + Red Mountain Flower + Flawless Amethyst/Sapphire/Diamond.
- Become more powerful as the player's ALTERATION and ENCHANTING skills increase.

Known issues:

- Sometimes, when a minion dies, its soul vessel falls through the ground and may reappear somewhere close.


This mod uses assets from the mods listed below. Many thanks go to the creators of these mods for allowing others to make use of their work.

- "Magnus' Enchanter" by JetSteele
- "Better Males" by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
- "Skyrim - Glowing Eyes v4" by dumle35
- "Helmets _ Bone Shield and Tribal Staff" by ghosu
- "Vicn Creature Pack" by Vicn