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Random Dungeon Generator
This mods generates random linear dungeons(Currently only nordic graves).
At the end of every dungeon you can find a chest with loot and an amulet. You can give these to Alen
and buy a room in a tower, or sell them for money. This mod is not finished, so if you find bugs, please report them.

Italien translation


The Entrance is in Fort Nightwatch, west of whiterun.


NMM or manual download(Just put the esp and esm in the data folder).

Probably everything works fine and you don't need to do anything other than overriding the files, but if you have problems like floating objects in your dungeons you should go out of the dungeon and reset it("pcb" and "resetinterior randnorgrave" in the console). This only resets the dungeon and not the rooms you bought!

Thanks to Mr. Dave and everyone reporting bugs for testing and helping me to fix the annoying "door not appearing" bug and to rewind2, troggleballs, indycurt and lordburnch for their great ideas for improvements.