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Ever feel disappointed that after literally leaving No Stone Unturned, you are rewarded with an ugly lump of yellow-and-pink plastic? Then this mod is for you! It replaces the Stones and Crown of Barenziah with something worthy of an ancient treasure.

Permissions and credits
I have retired from modding Skyrim. I hereby give blanket permission for anyone to use, modify, rehost or port any of my content to Special Edition, provided proper credit is given.

It has been a blast being a part of this community and it makes me very happy that my work is still appreciated by so many. Have fun creating!


Ever feel disappointed that after literally leaving No Stone Unturned, you are rewarded with an ugly lump of yellow-and-pink plastic? Then this mod is for you! It replaces the Stones and Crown of Barenziah with something worthy of an ancient treasure. No longer will your display rooms be disfigured by opaque monstrosities posing as gemstones!

Just a little something I've had sitting on my harddrive for quite some time. It was initially meant to be part of a larger mod that contained all of the Thieves Guild collectibles, but since that won't be happening anytime soon I'm putting these up on their own.

The gems have all been given transparent outer and reflective inner layers, similar to my other jewelry mods. They now have a real, detailed gemstone cut that makes them unique while staying true to the original shape. I even faithfully reproduced those rectangular indentations on some of the gems in the normal map of the crown with actual geometry. The crown received a proper cubemap and a few texture adjustments to make the gold look less cheap and yellow. There several textures to choose from for the jewelry box, but you can also use any other replacer you wish in combination with this mod.

I hope you like the result! Feel free to drop by in the comments section if you have any issues or would like to give feedback. And upload pictures to the gallery, I'd love to see how they look in your games.

Screenshots are taken with Serenity ENB. They don't quite do the gems justice, you really need to see them in motion, especially the animated gems. Please be aware that inventory screen lighting is a total whackjob and the gems will look slightly different on display.

Install with NMM and follow the instructions. If you are asked to overwrite a few files from Gemling Queen Jewelry or one of my other mods, click yes.

There are optional retextures available for the Stone of Barenziah made by fadingsignal and Gamwich. Check the screenshots in the gallery labelled accordingly for a preview of how they look ingame.

If you are asked to overwrite any files during installation (except from my other mods as mentioned above), there is a conflict. Let me know in the comment section so I can look into it.

Choose the "Vanilla / Other Texture Replacer" option in the installer if you want to use another replacer for the jewelry box with my meshes. I can warmly recommend Skyrim Redesigned if you're on the lookout for something new. The gems themselves point to custom texture paths though, so they will not be affected by texture replacers.

If you want to use a texture replacer for the crown itself, also choose the "Vanilla / Other Texture Replacer" option in the installer. Mine does not add anything in terms of detail, I just desaturated it a bit to make the gold look less garish. There is now also an optional texture for the crown available made by Gamwich.

Mods that make the crown wearable will need a compatibility patch to make them look like mine. Contact the respective authors about it, rigging helmets takes a lot of time that I don't have.

If you use Real Gold Trophies make sure you install my mod after and let it overwrite all files (otherwise you will see no changes from my mod ingame). This will replace the crown from RGT but still use its textures (if you didn't select any of mine in the installer) and the meshes for all the other TG collectibles.

If you like your Stones of Barenziah to glow mysteriously in the dark, check out this neat addon by FiendishGhoul! It's fully compatible with Barenziah's Glory and looks great. And if you want the crown to appear in majestic multicoloured awesomeness, check out FaegenFeorhlif's mod.

Q: Can you make the crown wearable?
A: No. That takes a lot of time and effort that I currently cannot spare. Besides, that crown is solid gold and looks like it weighs a ton - what kind of self-respecting adventurer would wear such a thing? Put it into your treasure rooms, where it belongs.

Q: But there is already a mod that makes the crown wearable! Are they compatible? Can you make a patch?
A: No. Technically they are compatible in the sense that nothing breaks, but the wearable crown from the other mod will still have the ugly vanilla look. Making a patch with my mesh is just as much work as making it wearable in the first place (see above for my answer to that).

Q: Does this new upload mean you're active in Skyrim modding again?
A: No, I am still too busy with other things. This is just something that I'd finished a long time ago but only now decided to release.

Q: Could you also do a replacer for ___? Would you be interested to join our mod team for ___ amazing mod? These look great, but I have this epic idea of how to make them better -
A: Unfortunately, I dont have time to mod at the moment, at all. Even if I did, I have a huge backlog of my own mod projects and things I promised other people. You're welcome to post your requests anyway, but my answer will most likely be "no".

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