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A select group of Angels known only as Watchers were to act as protectors, teachers and warriors on Nirn, however many became lustful of mortal women hence why the Nephilim were born...part Anuic Angel and part Mundane.

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What history has obscured is the Angels; whom are the progenitors of the Nephilim race; were brought into existence during the Dawn Era to act as Guardians of Nirn, to protect it from the corrupting influence of Padomay's Children...the Daedra. A select group of Angels known only as Watchers were to act as protectors, teachers and warriors on Nirn, however many became lustful of mortal women hence why the Nephilim were born...part Anuic Angel and part Mundane. By most they are considered abominations; a scourge that must be purged from the world, when the Angels were called away from Nirn a kill order was put into effect to destroy any and all Nephilim. Few survived in secret while most of their brethren were slaughtered, even now a handful remain alive waiting for an opportunity to resurface.

Powers and Abilities
1- Angel Blade: Your angelic heritage grants you the ability to call upon the Angel Blade; a mystical blade which is one of the only weapons that can kill a Nephilim.
2- Angelic Bow: Your angelic heritage grants you the ability to call upon the Angelic Bow; a mystical bow which is one of the only weapons that can kill a Nephilim.
3- Holy Light: Your angelic heritage grants you the ability to absorb Grace Fragments from Black Souls through magic.
4- Astral Projection: Travel to the astral plane and take in the view of your surroundings without anyone in the world being any wiser, even on the astral plane you can manipulate certain objects in the physical word from beyond the veil.
5- Angelic Strength: Your angelic blood gives you strength that a human can never possibly possess.
6- Healing Factor: Thanks to the angel blood coursing through your veins you can heal from damage at a faster rate.
7- Resist Disease: As a Nephilim you have a 100% resistance to disease.
8- Waterbreathing: Your Nephilim lungs can breath underwater.
9- Weakness to Magic: Your angelic lineage gives you a 75% weakness to magic.

Angelic Proficiency Shout
Reveal your true form to the world; while in your Angelic Form you have the ability to fly but beware...not all will be accepting of your supernatural status when revealed.
1- First Word - Legend: This word allows you to take on your Disguised Angelic Form which allows you to access your angelic abilities without alerting the populace; you cannot fly in this form.
2- Second Word - Grace: This word allows you to take on your Winged Angelic Form which will alert everyone to your presence and they will attack you on sight; you can fly in this form.
3- Third Word - Sky: This word allows you to fly or to stop flying; you need to be in your Winged Angelic Form or this word will have no effect.
You can switch between forms by using the opposing word of power to your current form: to switch from Disguised Form to the Winged Form use the second word and to switch from the Winged Form to the Disguised Form use the first word. To revert form just use the proper word of power: To revert to your Human Form from the Disguised Form use the first word and to revert to your Human Form from the Winged Form use the second word. The third word is only used for flight and it is only usable when in the Winged Form.

Flight Controls
1- Activate the 3rd word of power of the 'Angelic Proficiency' shout
2- Fly around with normal movement keys
3- Sprint activation with V key or Lft-Shoulder
4- Activate the 3rd word of power again to stop flying
You can only fly outdoors; controls work with Keyboard and Mouse as well as Gamepad.

Upgrade System
To upgrade your character you pray to the Elohim Shrine which is located inside of The Enclave. Throughout your gameplay as a Nephilim any kills you make with the Angel Blade on NPCs (Black Souls) will grant you a Grace Fragment. After you collect a set amount of Grace Fragments you can spend them on upgrading your character:
Angelic Proficiency = Free
Flight = 5 Grace Fragments
Astral Projection = 18 Grace Fragments
Angelic Strength = 10 Grace Fragments
Healing Factor = 14 Grace Fragments
Waterbreathing = 13 Grace Fragments
Destructive Anxiety = 22 Grace Fragments
Howl of Terror = 18 Grace Fragments

Death as a Nephilim
When a Nephilim dies instead of being forced to reload the game they get sent to The Enclave and stripped of their gear. Before they are allowed to re-enter the mortal world they must go to Sovngarde to retrieve their grace which will corporialize them. Once you have your body you can return to the mortal world, to retrieve your gear you must pray to Elohim; you start the game with 3 free gear retrievals (You only use up 1 of these retrievals if you don't have the necessary Grace Fragments).
Gear Retrieval = 10 Grace Fragments


Angelic Blood is meant to protect a person against all possible forms of infection...however what happens when the Original Vampire's Blood comes into contact with Angelic Blood, what kind of creature is formed? How will the combination affect a Nephilim...will he become a vampire?

There are 2 ways of getting infected with Vampirism for Nephilim:
1- Drink Original Vampire Blood at The Enclave
2- Have Harkon or Serana change you into a Vampire

Power and Abilities
1- Destructive Anxiety: Target your enemies and make them feel fear to a whole new level never seen before, can their hearts handle it?
2- Sanguine Senses: Allow yourself to be lulled by the temptation of blood. This power allows you to feed on people while in vampire form.
3- Vampire's Seduction: Utilize this power to calm the enemy down and stop the current battle.
4- Embrace of Shadows: Allow yourself to seep into the shadows and become one with them, you'll become invisible to others.
5- Vampire's Thrall: Raise the dead to fight for you; looks like you just gained a new ally.
6- Vampire's Drain: As a vampire you have the ability to drain the life from your foes with this spell.
7- Vampire's Sight: Thanks to your vampire eyes you have the ability to see in dark areas, nothing shall evade your sight any longer.
8- Resist Frost: Your vampiric blood makes you 40% resistant to frost.
9- Champion of the Night: Illusion spells cast by a vampire are 25% more powerful.
10- Nightstalker's Footsteps: Vampires are 25% harder to detect when sneaking.
11- Weakness to Fire: Your vampiric blood gives you a 30% weakness to fire.

12- Vampire Lord: Transform yourself into a deadly instrument of the shadows...can anyone stand against you?
You can only get the Vampire Lord power from Harkon or Serana.

The feeding mechanics work differently in this mod than any other feeding system I have seen to date. The vampire stages are null for Nephilim, feeding is turned into a manner of getting your health back as well as combating your weakness to magic. Even in the middle of battle; if you activate your opponent with the Sanguine Senses power active you can feed on them and regain your health and if you don't have blood already in your system then you will also gain a resistance to magic.
1- Stale Blood: Feeding off of a dead body will give you a 10% magic resistance.
2- Animal Blood: Feeding off of a dead animal will give you a 15% magic resistance.
3- Bestial Blood: Feeding off of Argonians and Khajiits will give you a 20% magic resistance.
4- Human Blood: Feeding off of Bretons, Imperials, Nords or Redguards will give you a 25% magic resistance.
5- Elven Blood: Feeding off of High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves or Orcs will give you a 40% magic resistance.
6- Daedric Blood: Feeding off of a Daedra will give you a 75% magic resistance.


A curse placed upon mortals to give them strength and speed while also tying their life force to Hircine. However when a lycans blood mixes with angel blood a new breed is formed; one who is unbound from the will of Hircine and who has absolute control over him/her self while a werewolf. What you do with this new found freedom is all up to you.

There are 2 ways of getting infected with Lycanthropy for Nephilim:
1- Become Infected with Alpha Wolf Venom at The Enclave
2- Have Aela change you into a Werewolf

Powers and Abilities
1- Howl of Terror: Release a howl from the deepest recesses of your being showing the world what true terror is.

Werewolf Howl Shout
While a werewolf your shout is your weapon against the masses. How you will use it will determine how people react to your presence as a wolf.
1- First Word - Detect Life: This word will allow you to see enemies hiding around any corner; no one can hide from you any longer.
2- Second Word - Fear: This word will allow you to scare enemies and make them quake with terror for  the sole reason of being in your presence.
3- Third Word - Revert Form: This word will allow you to revert back into your human form.
Because this is a completely custom lycanthrope form which has been built from the ground up specifically for this mod, you have complete control over your werewolf transformations; this new werewolf form is only activated if the player is a Nephilim, every other race uses the vanilla werewolf transformation.


To install the mod:
1- Download Nephilim
2- Put the ESP and BSA into the proper Skyrim Directory
3- Place the loose FNIS files in the proper Skyrim Directory
4- Place the loose INI in the Data folder with the ESP and BSA
5- Run FNIS for Users
6- Place Nephilim under any Vampire or Werewolf overhauls in the load order
7- Launch Skyrim

To uninstall the mod:
1- Change your race to something other than Nephilim
2- Get hit by an enemy
3- Save the game
4- Delete the ESP and BSA
5- Delete the loose FNIS files
6- Delete the loose INI file
7- Run FNIS for Users



Q: Do I need SKSE and FNIS?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens if I don't have FNIS?
A: You won't be able to fly and I don't know how else the mod will become bugged.

Q: I don't like the body! How do I change it?!
A: Create this path in your data folder: meshes/nephilim/body. Place the body meshes, hand meshes and feet meshes inside this path and it will overwrite the custom default body that the mod uses. To overwrite the head mesh the path is: meshes/nephilim/head. The exception being SAM; you need to install SAM in its default directory, install RaceCompatibility as well as download the optional plugin 'SAM Plugin' from the Nephilim FOMOD.

Q: The animations don't play help!
A: This issue is on your end, you either didn't install the mod properly or didn't run FNIS for Users, I tested this mod on different types of computers and it always worked for me.

Q: How do I gain access to Angelic Proficiency?
A: You get the upgrade for free by praying to the Elohim Statue inside of The Enclave.

Q: How do you unlock the Enclave Stone?
A: Use your Astral Projection power at the stone to gain access to The Enclave; The Enclave is the location you spawn at when you die.

Q: (Power of your Choice) doesn't work. Help!
A: Certain abilities cannot be accessed right away after death, you must return to your phylactery and re-claim your grace before all your powers are accessible once more.

Q: I can't fight while flying help!
A: You can't fight while in the air, as of this moment the only abilities that do work in the air is Powers and Shouts. They activate much easier if you are standing still in flight.

Q: I'm stuck as a werewolf HELP!
A: I addressed this in the Lycanthropy section of the Description/Readme, go read that.

Q: I'm can't access the werewolf skill tree!
A: Because the werewolf transformation is custom in design you cannot access the skill tree and it isn't something I could change since it is hardcoded into the game itself. However if you pray to the shrine of Elohim then you will have the option to open up a custom skill tree that is a carbon copy of the Bethesda one to access your upgrades. You won't see the later perks until you have the necessary prerequisites to acquire them.

Q: Everyone turns to Dexion to attack him after I Enthrall him. HELP!
A: This is normal because the vampire feed animation has an alert function on it that makes people attack; to enthrall him and not have this happen Enthrall him while he is in his Vampire Seduction state.

Q: The people in Castle Dawnguard won't talk to me please help!
A: If your a Vampire as always the people in the Dawnguard won't talk to you; use your Human form to talk with them.

A: As much as I enjoyed Real Flying I also felt that in its current state it is limited in what is allowed. Because of the limitations which I felt that form of flying had I decided to revert the flying back to the old method with some improvements; I felt that collisions wasn't worth having if I couldn't have the freedom that Flying Mod Beta offered. And apparently so did others; before I switched over to Real Flying I had a certain response however post switch I had an even larger response from the community that they preferred the old method of flying over the new one. Because of personal preference as well as what people have messaged me I decided to revert back to the old method of flight.

Q: Vampire Lord or Beast Form aren't showing up in my list of powers!
A: When your wings are out it is normal that those powers disappear from your spell list. When you revert form to either the disguised Angelic Form or the Human Form then the powers will be available once again.

Q: The ring in Septimus Signus' Outpost isn't appearing! HELP!
A: The mod was reconstructed from scratch after v3.30. Starting with v4.00 the mod was converted from an overlay type of race to a fully functional race; it was done because of all the racial incompatibilities that occurred (because of so many race mods that exist). Because of this fundamental change to the mod I've removed those locations as they were no longer needed for anything in particular. To access the race its in your list of races to pick from at the beginning of the game.

Q: The gates that the Hybrid Fonts are behind are locked, how do I unlock them?
A: The unlocking of the doors are done through story progression: the vampire one unlocks after you first speak with Harkon are the werewolf door unlocks when Aela first transforms you into a werewolf.

Q: How do I unlock the door to Sovngarde?
A: You speak with Eirik inside of The Enclave (it's the Portal topic), once you open that door the one to Tamriel will close; only one door can be open at one time.

Q: I only have access to a handful of Nephilim abilities. Where are the rest of them?!
A: Nephilim has a Leveling System, you get Grace Fragments for all enemies you kill with the Angel Blade; those fragments can then be spent on an ability, or power by praying to Elohim.

Q: When casting the Bound Weapon spells the game crashes!? HELP!
A: The CTD with Bound Weapons is a regular Skyrim bug. To fix it follow these steps: Put everything from your inventory into a chest and then save the game. Open the console and type Player.ResetInventory. You may have to drop quest items manually with Player.Drop <ID#> but I don't believe that reset inventory removes quest items which renders this step null and void, still that is why you save just to be sure. Once you've reset your inventory the spell should work, so just pick up everything you have dropped and continue on your way.

The Mortal Cup
Q: How do I activate the Angelic Fount?
A: You need to find The Mortal Cup in Sovngarde.

Q: Where is The Mortal Cup?
A: It is located near a patch of water next to where Tsun guards the gate to the Hall of Valor. There is a journal in the mod called 'Sutherland's Journal', it has clues of where the cup is located.

Q: How do I become a Giborim?
A: You need to not be a Nephilim and drink from the Angelic Fount, this will turn your character into a Giborim.

Q: Can you be a Giborim and a Vampire/Werewolf?
A: No. A Giborim is a created creature while a Nephilim is a born one, therefore even though I made a Nephilim able to become a hybrid I won't make the Giborim have that ability.

Q: Does The Mortal Cup do anything for Nephilim?
A: Yes. It grants you a buff of 100% magic resistance for 24 hours.

Q: Can a Giborim enter The Enclave?
A: No.

Q: When can the player become a Giborim?
A: During the main quest when the player goes to Sovngarde, if you are not a Nephilim then that is your ONLY time that you can turn the player into a Giborim; you get one shot at it so its something that you need to decide upon when you get there.

Q: Will you add another way to become a Giborim to the add-on?
A: No.
QII: Why not?
AII: Because I don't want to and this way made the most sense to me.

Q: Will there be updates for this expansion?
A: Yes. I'll patch in custom races so they too can become Giborim and if I come up with some cool mechanics to upgrade the mod with then I'll work on it.

Q: Why did you make this? It seems counter to the reason you changed Nephilim.
A: I made this for those people that thought Nephilim was better the way it used to be BUT I also made it because since this is an expansion and not the main mod I'm able to work on them separately and therefore one will not impact the other. If I need to take time to add custom races here it won't impact the main mod any longer as that is already a finished product; the way it used to be I diverted too much time to making custom races when the mod wasn't up to standards for me.

Q: Will you be making more expansions for Nephilim?
A: Possibly. It all depends on if I have an idea that I want to implement outside of the race mod that will work with it BUT not something that is part of the race; as an example, if I get a desire to make a questline then it will happen in an expansion and not the main mod.

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