Mod articles

  • Skyrim SE - Nephilim

    As some of you may know Bethesda has announced that they will be releasing Skyrim SE later this year which will bring enhancements to Skyrim as well as mod support for current generation consoles.

    As we do not have any information on the technical aspects behind the improved edition we cannot really say at this point mods that will work and mods that will not work. I am making an assumption at this point that they may be making Skyrim SE an all in one ESM (considering that they will only give PC users a free update if you own all the DLC). If this does come to pass then that would mean that Nephilim will NOT be compatible with the new version of the game. Again this is purely my speculation.

    Also I am hoping that the SE edition will utilize the CK 2.0 that Fallout...

  • Dev Diary - History of Nephilim

    As some of you may know this mod is almost a year old now and I felt that is was time to write an article on how this mod came to be what it is today. So without further ado here is the history on how the Nephilim mod became what it is today.

    Nephilim is actually my very first mod that I ever made. Instead of starting small and building my way up I decided to do what I wanted to and built this mod; however it wasn't always a race mod. In truth I don't even full understand myself how Nephilim came to be as it is known today.

    The mod originated as another mod which added a ring into the game. This ring negated all magicka costs and essentially gave you an unlimited magicka pool. Afterwards I felt the need to give the ring some backstory and therefore decide...