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An epic expansion of the City of Solitude dramatically increasing the actual size of the city and adding a lot of new content including new buildings, new locations and new citizens to magnify and transmogrify Skyrim's capitol city.

Permissions and credits
(This mod uses the content of the great mod by reindeer51 TRUE CITY: The Great Expansion of Solitude, as well as the content of the equally great mod by Captain Swoop, Complete Solitude. I want to thank them both for granting me permission to use the assets from their mods in the creation of this mod.)


This mod is the result of a combined 3000 hours of work, and adds an entirely new district to the city of Solitude, actually making the city about 40 percent larger thanks to the great architectural work by reindeer51. The new district consists of a multitude of residential houses, as well as a Brewery and a Treasury House. The expanded Market District of the city has two new major shops now, including a Grocery and a Magickal Apparatus Shop, as well as some other additions and improvements. Now with over 100 new residents and a vastly expanded cityscape the overall result is a city worthy of being called Skyrim's capitol city, and combined with the new extensive underground sewer networks the City of Solitude is now an ample metropolis.

Solitude Reborn brings many new locations to the City of Solitude including a College of Whispers, the Imperial Mage's Guild sister to the College of Winterhold, a Treasury House with municipal tax collectors, a Jewelery Store, an Apartment House, a Townhouse, a Workers Bunkhouse, and more. There is now a new Occult Bookstore/Magickal Apparatus Shop in the Market District to service the local magi and similarly inclined, as well as a new Bakery/Grocery Store. The Copper Dragon Brewery, located in the city's new district, produces ale for the city's taverns and citizens, and beneath the streets is a new Solitude Thieves Guild headquarters.

The immediate exterior of the city by the front gate has many new buildings and additions thanks to the incredible work by the great Captain Swoop, including an outer Imperial Guardhouse Barracks, an Inn, Tavern, Blacksmith, a General Goods Store, residential houses, as well as an Imperial Warehouse, Lift House, and Lift Offices for trade and work with the East Empire Company.

Over 100 new unique NPCs are added to the City of Solitude, all with homes, jobs, and daily routines and schedules. Solitude Reborn also fixes all of the problems/issues/errors with the content from the original mods, and adds a huge amount of new content, including an expansion and improvement of the cities new architecture, multiple new buildings and interiors, new factions, new items, new locations, and adding new underground areas to the City of Solitude including new underground explorable sewer systems and subterranean burial crypts, and a massive new lower level sewer system complex with a new Solitude Thieves Guild headquarters.


It is recommended that you install the mods "Books of Skyrim" and "Solitude Public Bathhouse" along with Solitude Reborn. 

All of the following mods are compatible with Solitude Reborn

This mod is compatible with the mods "JK's Solitude" and "Dawn of Solitude" provided that you download and install the correct patches in the optional files section. It is recommended that you install both of those mods to get the best results.

If you use JK's Solitude and/or Dawn of Solitude than you must also download the correct patches in the optional files section. - JKs Solitude - Dawn of Solitude

It is necessary to install the mod "Pine Tree Fix for Complete Solitude" if you use the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, otherwise you will get tree's clipping through the ground in unwanted places. - Pine Tree Fix

This mod is compatible with the mod "Books of Skyrim" and it is recommended that you install that mod. No patch required. - Books of Skyrim

This mod is also compatible with the mod "Solitude Public Bathhouse"  and it is recommended that you install that mod as well. Also download the patch in the optional files section. - Solitude Public Bathhouse

Skyrim Sewers 4-  - Fully Compatible

My Own Solitude Outskirts Improvements -  - Fully Compatible

Cutting Room Floor adds access to the Castle Dour Tower and it is recommended that you install that mod as well.

Cutting Room Floor - - Fully Compatible

Solitude Expansion -   - Compatible with patch

Legacy of the Dragonborn -  -  Compatible with patch

The Rookery -   -  Fully Compatible

Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
  -  -  Fully Compatible (Version

There is a potential conflict with ELFX 2.0. If you use ELFX 2.0 then you need to go to "Data\Meshes\architecture\sovngarde\sovngardeinterior" and just delete the "sovngardestepsfree02.nif" file to fix it.


  -Expansion of the City of Solitude by 40%

 -Over 30 new buildings and structures

 -100 new unique NPCs

 -A new College of Whispers

 -A new Imperial Barracks

 -A new Treasury House

 -A new Jewelry Store

 -A new Tavern

 -A new Brewery

 -A new Magickal Shop

 -A new Bakery

 -A new Blacksmith

 -A new General Goods Store

 -A new Solitude Thieves Guild

 -Multiple new explorable sewer systems

 -A massive new Subterranean Sewer Area

 -New subterranean burial crypts

 -All areas fully navmeshed


-Skyrim updated to
-No DLC required.    



Download and extract one of the Main Files in the Files Tab.
Copy the Solitude Reborn.esp into your "Skyrim\Data" directory.
Start the Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, check the Solitude Reborn.esp.
Make sure you are not in or near Solitude, then move to an interior cell away from Solitude and wait for at least 1-3 days for best results.  
Please back up your save before installing.
For the best in stability the mod should be installed with a new game, though this is not necessary.

Suggested Load Order

-Solitude Reborn
-JKs Solitude/Dawn of Solitude
-Solitude Public Bathhouse
-Books of Skyrim-Complete
-Solitude Tree Fix

Recommended Mods

Skyrim Sewers -
Solitude Public Bathhouse - 
Books of Skyrim - 
Inconsequential NPCs -
My Own Solitude Outskirts Improvements -
Cutting Room Floor -



Bethesda for creating Skyrim, and releasing their creation kit. Reindeer51 who deserves all of the credit for this mod, and has done all of the work to make this mod available. Captain Swoop who's hard work in creating the great mod Complete Solitude has made much of the content in this mod possible. Oarystys, Tamira for the modders resource pack. Thanks to AndrealphusVIII for re-navmeshing the Underworks.