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A very simple mod that disables saving in combat.

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This mod does what the name suggests. It disables saving if you are in combat.
I have been searching for a mod that does only this, but surprisingly, I couldn't find one.
There are some other mods that disable saving in combat but also introduce some features I do not want.
So I created this mod for myself and others who simply wish for this functionality and nothing else.
Another advantage of this mod is that its feature cannot be disabled in game.


Download and install normally using Nexus Mod Manager.
Manually install by extracting the archive and placing the contents in Data folder in Skyrim's Data folder.

Load Order



Disable the NoSaveInCombat.esp.
*** Make sure that you are out of combat when uninstalling this mod. If you uninstall it in combat, you may not be able to save.
However, there's a solution. Simply type "setinchargen 0 0 0" in your console. (without the quotation marks)

Final Notes

If you come across any issues regarding this mod, please tell me and I'll see if I can solve it for you.
Also, if you enjoy using the mod, please leave an endorsement. Thank you. :)