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Fixes Serana's infamous hood.

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Serana's Hood is a hilarious thing. Serana will equip it whenever she's outside and wears her armor even if she already has other headgear equipped. The hood is marked unplayable so you can't take it from her inventory either. If you install a mod such as CCF to be able to take the hood, it gets even better: She'll just create a new hood out of thin air and equips it again. This mod offers two solutions, a simple and a realistic one, for this problem.

  1. Serana will never equip the hood and all instances of it will be removed from her inventory.
  2. Serana will equip the hood if she's outside during the day (5am to 7pm, same as Weakness to Sunlight), has the hood in her inventory and no headgear equipped. Once it's night or she's inside, she will take off the hood and put it in her inventory. She won't equip the hood if she already wears other headgear or doesn't have the hood in her inventory.


The realistic version requires SKSE.

Load Order

This mod adds no plugin to your load order. It contains only a modified script from the Dawnguard DLC.


Incompatible with any mod that edits DLC1_NPCMentalModelScript. Aside from the unofficial patches, I'm not aware of any mod that does that.

Fixes from the unofficial patches have been included.