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The Sinister Seven is a backstory quest line. Seven Assassins are dispatched to kill the player, taking place across several levels. This grants stalking minions and seven intense single duels as the assassins chase the player across the land. It is meant to give an open ended background storyline, along with the feeling of being hunted. I find Sky

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The Sinister Seven is a backstory quest line. Seven Assassins are dispatched to kill the player, taking place across several levels. This grants stalking minions and seven intense single duels as the assassins chase the player across the land. It is meant to give an open ended background storyline, along with the feeling of being hunted. I find Skyrim to be a very static experience, going from spot to spot and slaughtering rubes standing around in one spot slackjawed. With this mod, they'll actively seek you out. Now you get to be the prey!

With version 5.0, I have added an MCM menu that allows you considerable customization. This requires SKSE and SkyUI.

The questline is built to be generally open ended and allowed to work to the players imagination and their character's origin story. AlternateStart - Live Another Life by Arthmooris is highly suggested to give your character a lot of options.

By default, hired minions will show up to chase the player periodically based on time. After level 12, boss assassins will also begin to show up to duel you. Every two levels, they'll show up, for a total of 12 levels to reach the option to end the questline. However, all of these values can be modified in the MCM menu. You can have as little as no minions to as many as ten per spawn event, with a spawn event happening as often or as rare as you'd like. You can also choose how staggered the bosses show up.

These seven duels are not supposed to be easy fights. Hard, but winnable, and hopefully memorable. Each of the seven unique assassins is at least twice the players level and will track them down across the map. They're also imbued with unique abilities outside your normal Skyrim bandit and thus may result in unusual battle tactics to win the fight. Some may be more challenging to particular player archetypes, others less so. They may show up when you're sleeping, when you're exploring a cave, or just on the road. You can try to fight them or run into the wilderness, which should buy you some time, but don't expect them to give up. Eventually they'll track you. Use your cunning to evade and eventually defeat them. Leap off of waterfalls dramatically to buy time, lead them through a series of traps Rambo style, make friends who will watch your back, do whatever you have to do to survive.


CONTENT: A supporting side-questline that runs as the player advances in levels. 17 new NPCs, who seek out and try to track the player. 7 unique masks with unique enchantments, two unique sets of armor with standard enchantments. New abilities, combat styles, AI, etc.

Time spent on making this free mod for people to enjoy, according to Steam: +200 hours.


I'd like to thank Natterforme and by extension Zairaam!I have been given permission to use their fabulous Tribunal Robes and Masks. Which if you haven't downloaded yet, why?! Why?! I'd also like to thank Zerofrost, who is my favorite Skyrim artist. They've made amazing armors and I highly suggest you check all of them out. I've been given permission to use their armor and have packaged it into the Nexus version. Though it is included, I suggest you go to their page anyway as their particular mods adds additional stuff. Plus the author has made so many more armors! Raven witch armor and Apex Werewolf and the Evil MasterMind Armor. Last I'd like to thank Seppoko for permission to add their Mask of Blades! Thank you so much to everyone mentioned. Naturally, you cannot reupload this anywhere.

Version 1.0 -- First Version, just published! Feedback appreciated.

Version 2.0
-Overhauled the quest, modular for nearly any level character.
-Added four mercenaries that have a chance to appear.
-Added some special characteristics to the unique assassins.
-Modified combat styles, abilities, stalking AI, etc.
-Fixed gray face bug?
-Added tasty loot, seven unique masks.
-Tied all the NPCs equipment and loot into the base level lists.
-Rewrote all the notes.

Version 3.0
-Modified stalking behavior, hunting will usually take place during daylight so tracks are easier to spot, NPCs are out and active to be questioned about your location, etc. Though sometimes NPCs will try to group up and ambush you at night. So stay on your toes!
-Stalking behavior more random, less predictable.
-Stalking now takes player sneaking into account, so thief types can try to sneak away to live another day.
-Upgraded minion roster from 4 to 10. Two of the minions try to impersonate stealth mechanics. You're not the only one who can sneak or use poison now!
-Modified all boss assassins. They now all have unique abilities for unusual fighting experiences.
-Modified all the masks and their enchantments, with enchantments that mirror the boss abilities. A little like Skyrim Megaman.
-Now 7 unique masks, plus two unique gender specific sets of armor.
-Modified the final boss position + reward chest.
-Added three different versions.
-Modified music that plays while fighting the boss assassins, should now play already existing epic boss battle music. Compatible with all music mods.

Version 3.1
-Added script assets that where missing for some reason. Patch added that upgrades from 3.0

Version 3.2
-Added a randomized timer system on releasing the minions. They're still operating on character leveling, but will be totally random within when they'll come after the player (within a reasonable time frame). So you don't have to expect anyone suddenly showing up after a level. This should nip it in the bud for the last time.
-Removed the 'Hired' from the names of the minions, so they're a little more inconspicuous.
-Added some dialogue and greet triggers to your hunters, which may initiate in cities and some locations.
-Buffed the minions a small amount, to put them on level with the player. This will be most noticeable at early levels.
-Debuff the poison magnitude by half used by the minions. May be too dangerous at the early levels.
-Increased movement speed a small amount for non-ranged boss assassins.
-Made the last boss fight a little more tricksy.
-Lowered the cooldown on Ladon's ability and the Northern Wind's ability a small amount.
-Ladon's mask + ability buffed a small amount. Now also burns melee attackers a small amount per swing.
-Modifed Temujin's combat AI. He should be much more willing to powerattack when the player is blocking, to show off his big ole sexy muscles.
-Modified the boss assassin notes a little, to give the player combat hints to the upcoming confrontation.
-Upgraded final chest, to also include weapon types. So if the player has specialized in maces/swords etc, it'll give them a random enchanted option.

Version 3.3
-Fixed a bug where some bosses weren't spawning.

Version 3.4
-Changed enchantments on the unique armor.
-Nerfed Temujin's mask enchantment a little.
-Made the bosses immune to some cheap tricks (paralyze, endless ragdoll).
-Buffed Ladon's mask a little, fixed an unexpected bug on it.
-Changed how Brutus mask works. Now takes light levels into account, so it can be used at any hour.
-Brutus' fight is now much more reliant on light levels. Hint hint.
-Changed the magical arsenal of the final boss. No more lightning, so it's easier to dodge projectiles.
-Buffed the cripple component on Nandi's mask.
-Buffed Rois's mask enchantment, from 33% health to 50% health. Included with new muffle enchantment on the boots, so NPCs should have a hard time echo locating the player like a bat.
-Added a new quasi-stealth system to four NPCs, that effects their visibility till they take damage.
-Increased the boss staggered levels by 1, so every 5 levels. Raising the questline to 30 levels. Makes it easier for the player to prepare for the first boss and lengthens the hunting aspect of the quest a little longer, since people seem to like that.
-Doubled the random time frame for minion release.

Version 4.0
-Changed the quest system to be less reliant on levels. Minions are now spawned based on time, instead of levels. Boss assassins remain based on levels, but now show up every two levels after level 12 -- thus overall being friendlier to higher level characters who level slowly. It's also an easier start for new characters, too. Specifically, this translates to a round of minion spawning every 100 IRL minutes spent in Skyrim (not including menu time). Or translated to Skyrim hours, 33. Taking into account your character sleeping, you can expect a round of spawning every three days, roughly.
-Fixed a bug, I thought I fixed, on Ladon's mask. Good gravy Charlie Brown.

Version 4.1
-Lowered the round of minion spawning by 15 minutes, from 100 IRL minutes to 85 minutes. 
-Added some more higher level spells on the bosses, readjusted some perks on the minions + bosses.
-Buffed poison magnitude, but lowered duration. So it's more upfront. Buffed boss poison + mask poison effectively by 10 points.
-Hopefully fixed an issue where only the 2nd boss, Amitis, was not spawning for some people.
-Removed armor protection spells from sneak minions, as they can reveal their position too much.
-Buffed the emergency armor on Amitis mask by 50 points.

Version 4.2
-Fixed an issue with Brutus and his schedule AI.

Version 4.3
-Fixed a really weird and unexpected Creation Kit Voodoo issue. Somewhere along the way, one of the minions got flagged "essential." What in the world! The Argonian Hunter female is once again killable.

Version 5.0
-MCM Menu Added, allowing player to adjust when the bosses show up, how many minions get spawned, how often the minions get spawned. This allows the player to adjust the pacing and difficulty on the fly to their heart's delight.
-Improved knockback physics on Temujin's mask, but nerfed the chance by 5%.
-Halved Nandi's mask debuff duration.
-Added leveled enchanted heavy armor to the final reward chest, to balance out the neat light armor received on the quest line.
-Some minor adjustments.
-Plugin option added, that lowers the power on the masks and enchanted gear. For people who want a harder experience. Damage enchantments lowered from 33% to 10%, magic regeneration lowered greatly, any resists and armor gains halved. This reduces "sheer force" vanilla multipliers while keeping the power of the unique aspects intact.

Version 5.1
-MCM Menu scripts added as loose files, so our non-English friends have an easier time translating for others.
-Fixed a bug that would cause the minions to spawn immediately, instead of waiting for the original set IRL hour.

Version 5.2
-Optimized a single script, just to be safe.

Version 5.3
-Minor tweaking of a script.
-Set initial minion spawn to 1, to be sure to ease the player into the ambushes. Can of course be changed via MCM.
-Cleaned automatically, then manually with Tes5, to remove any errant records.

Version 5.4
-More script tweaking, more safe-stops added to minimize bugs during new character start up, a stressed script time. Hopefully this should help some players who were having issues with minions suddenly showing up at the start.

Design Document For Planned Updates:
-Polish and buffing if I feel it is needed. Player feedback appreciated.
-Add things like various Thane status, or guild membership, to faction relations. So guards, guild members, etc, will be sure to defend the player if attacked, if they obtain significant enough recognition.
-Take the ideas and concepts explored here and expand it into a much broader new mod, that creates Vengeance parties when the player pisses off particular Skyrim factions due to quests or killing.
ETA: Whenever it gets done!


Dawnguard required due to assets used from it, but in the year of our lord 2015 I'm pretty sure we all have it. Choose your version. Then just extract contents to your Skyrim/Data file, or install with the Nexus Mod Manager. That's it! A clean save is suggested; I cannot say upgrading from an existing save will be a stable experience. I don't know what will happen to your particular mod setup! Personally, I always stick with the same mods for a character play through for max stability and predictability.


Hopefully none at the moment, but this is a new version and something may crop up. If the quest for whatever reason is not working, as in people aren't trying to track you, I suggest simply reloading your game. Skyrim has a tendency to bug out and crap itself on rare occasions. I've had my mod (and others) suddenly decide to stop working in about 1% of the cases I've used them. Reloading fixed it.

If that doesn't fix it, another mod may be the culprit. The Sinister Seven uses the OnLevelUp quest node. If another mod for whatever reason put a quest in there that refuses to share the event node, it'll mess up my quest as well as the default vanilla Skyrim quests. I don't know why someone would do that, but that would render my mod dead.

I have had very little bugs, personally, and this mod is NOT script heavy. All internal Skyrim mechanisms are utilized, while the few custom scripts I had to make are very small lightweight creations, consisting of only a few lines that fire off only once. The ONLY repeating event happens once in a blue moon.


Spoilers and hints to fight the bosses may be found in the Readme on this website. Do not read if you do not want to be spoiled!


*Realistic Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder

*Immersive detection of NPC by Versonshu

*Duel - Combat Realism by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam

*Combat Evolved by CrushBoss -raulfin -GhostAgent

*T3nd0's Perkus Maximus by T3nd0
-DON'T FORGET PerMa Compatibility and PaMa Patches (PCaPP) by Raulfin

Description Keywords for ease of search; hunt the player, search for the player, chase the player, hired thugs, bounty hunter, duels, assassin, danger, challenger.