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A mod that populates the very void settlements of Solstheim

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Bethesda is well-known for their proud tradition of making small sparasely populated cites/towns which prompted the need for population mods. None seems to have been made for the Dragonborn DLC however, so here's the first.
Populated Solstheim adds new NPCs to the land of Solsthem, specifically the mining town of Raven Rock where I think it's sorely needed... It's said the Nords relinquished Raven Rock because of the large masses of Dunmers that migrated there. Yet when you step into the actual place, it looks more like a freakin' ghost town. Well, not anymore!
With this mod, you get about 20 new NPCs added into Raven Rock. I intend for them to be as inconsequential as possible but also integrate nicely into where they are. These aren't like just copied NPCs either. Each one has their own unique appearance and traits though they're also set to be as just as generic. Because of how inconsequential they are, most of them won't be bothered talking to you. Homeless refugees will huddle around the edges, Inhabitants will wander and browse the wares in shops, workers will work the mines, all of them minding their own business. 

I made this mod primarily to complement the Solstheim expansion made by Expanded Towns and Cities, which I recommend but isn't required. Others such as Raven Rock Expanded and Immersive Settlements work just fine as well. After all it makes more sense to have more NPCs if the place is gonna be bigger. 

Compatible with everything 

Put ESP in Data folder

Do the opposite of installation

Expanded Towns and Cities for a bigger, more believable Raven Rock
Wet and Cold to make the NPCs look even more generic!