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  1. prod80
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    For more up-to-date screenshots, visit my flickr page here.

  2. VulcanTR
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    The question is, why i cannot change any settings of this enb? (alt+enter)
  3. GorgonZolaProductions
    • member
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    I'm getting terrible blinking and flickering with bars across the screen. I only had Dark Dungeons and Revamped Exterior Fog for lighting or weather mods installed.
    1. Oceato
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    2. Oceato
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      I fix the problem by fixing a thing in enblocal.ini but i dont know what
  4. Taedus
    • member
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    I was looking through the picture gallery you linked and I think I found the textures. They look amazing but the author needs to work on user friendlyness. Hiding donwloads behind pictures is simply bad web design. I totally understand if he/she won't upload on the Nexus though. You don't want Dark0ne to own your work.
  5. Dcypher75
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I'm sure some of you have found that if you've: Upgraded your Windows to 10 & use an Nvidia driver (w/latest drivers)...that your game will not load due an error caused by a SweetFX file. This is the "CreateDXGIFactory2" error, however I have found a solution to stop this and allow you to use this amazing ENB!

    I'd advise getting the latest enb binary (as of writing 0.292) and also using "FXAA ENB SweetFX Manager", so you can switch between gameplay and screenshot ENBs whenever you want too.

    Here's what you'll need to do:

    1. Go to your "Skyrim" folder (where you put your ENB files)

    2. Locate the dxgi.dll

    3. Rename dxgi.dll to dxgi.dll.bak

    4. You're done! Continue your adventure using your favourite ENB!

    No worries guys ^_~
    1. ScrollTron1c
      • member
      • 2,708 posts
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      Well the thing that happens with renaming/deleting the "dxgi.dll", is that SweetFX simply no longer works.

      I just tested what happens with the latest drivers on Win10 / nvidia drivers, actually SweetFX does work despite the error message (which you can test by enabling Monochrome in the SFX settings). But the ENB DoF no longer works and there probably are more issues.

  6. itgfreak
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    • 172 posts
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    does this work with lastest enb?
  7. Atardecer
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    Anyone using this with newer versions of ENB?
  8. Rexeos
    • member
    • 53 posts
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    Any recommendation for similar ENB for Special Edition?

    Tranquility and Kountervibe are imo best.
  9. ovanmaru
    • member
    • 249 posts
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    What exactly is the difference between this and Serenity ENB? Is this one just "more up to date"?
  10. vabatta
    • member
    • 25 posts
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    Do someone know how to increase torches / campires / light spells during night / sunset? I like to have a super dark night, but torches are quite useless... (note: I do not use any other mod for lighting; I was using Purity, but was unplayable at night because of the problems of portable lights)
    1. qwertypol012
      • member
      • 1,351 posts
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      Just in case if you still need this info... You can edit torch light radius using tes5edit. If you know about ELFX, it has an edited torch records with increased light radius. You can use it's esp as base, then remove any other records which you don't want to use. This will let you having an increased torch radius without using any lighting edits from ELFX.
  11. kkwonk1134
    • member
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    First, I am not good at english. Please excuse me.
    When i had walked on 'volcanic area' where have lower altitude than other landscape between windhelm and riften, fog layer emerged from bottom to middle of whole landscape. Here is my screenshot link :
    I installed Revamped Exterior Fog and tried to run this enb on vanilla skyrim but nothing worked. Can you help me about this problem?