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Adding more strategy into the mix.

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Notice - I need feedback

I would really like for people to install this, play around with some settings and let me know their opinions. This mod should have no issues being removed mid-play-through as the only scripts it adds are the MCM Menu script and one script to fire every game load which intialises values.

If anyone has any ideas they think would fit this mod, I would be very grateful to hear your feedback.

If anything is unclear, please let me know so that I can explain it more thoroughly on this page.

This mod allows you to customise the amount of damage a type of weapon will do against a certain type of armour. This mod uses Armour Type (Heavy or Light) - this is not the same as Armour Rating. This applies to both the player and NPCs.

For example: If you or an enemy is wearing 5 pieces of Heavy Armour (including shield), you could set swords to do 0 damage and maces to do 200%. That's just an extreme example - not sure that'd make for very fun gameplay.

The installation is the same as ASIS or Perkus Maximus. I will outline below (There are only so many steps for clarity's sake).
Due to the patcher, you will need Java to be installed. I believe there are some good videos about this, here is one by GamerPoets. If you follow that video as well as the description below, it should be fairly straight forward. If it is not, please let me know.

Mod Organizer
  1. Install AWTM as usual.
  2. Click the Data tab on the right hand side of Mod Organizer.
  3. Scroll down to SkyProc Patchers.
  4. Click the arrow next to SkyProc Patchers to expand it.
  5. Click the arrow next to AWTM to expand it.
  6. Right click "AWTM.bat" and select "Add as executable". Use whatever name you wish.
  7. Find the Overwrite directory on the left side of Mod Organizer.
  8. Make sure your Overwrite directory is empty either by deleting the files in there if they are not needed or right clicking and selecting "Create Mod".
  9. Click the drop down list next to "Run" at the top right of Mod Organizer.
  10. Select AWTM.
  11. Click Run.
  12. If you get an error, check the AWTM.bat file in notepad to make sure your Java directory is the same.
  13. Click Patch at the top right of the SkyProc Patcher window.
  14. Let this run for a minute. It will close itself when it's completed.
  15. If successful, files will be written to your Overwite directory including AWTM.esp.
  16. Right click Overwrite and select "Create Mod" and name is something like "AWTM Patch".
  17. Enable AWTM Patch.
  18. Done.

So far, I have only included the weapon types from vanilla Skyrim. However, as the SkyProc Patcher allows great compatibility, I plan to add other weapon types from popular mods in the future. The weapon types I chose to go with are seen in many games and are defined as follows:

I have decided to keep these as separate types to offer more flexibility.

Since this mod uses SkyProc Patcher and does not change anything, it should be compatible with everything.

SkyProc Patcher goes through every NPC from every mod as well as the player and adds 10 perks to them. Each perk controls one armour type and one weapon type.
The perks use an Incoming Damage entry point to modify the damage. Because of this, it should be compatible with all mods. I'm unsure as to which perks will apply first.

  • Mark weapon type somehow in-game (in the name, maybe?) - Damius
  • RNG Based armour penetration/hit/miss - nosferat2007 - 2015/02/12
  • Updated scripts to launch on New Game - 2015/02/12
  • Added missing scripts - 2015/02/12
  • Initial release