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TES5Edit script to create dynamic patch for Armour and Weapon Types Matter mod by AnarkyzmA

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Armour and Weapon Types Matter includes it's own Skyproc patcher, but unfortunately author left it in outdated state with existing bugs. This script is intended as a replacement and works using TES5Edit engine.
This in an adaptation of a similar DT patcher for Fallout 4 which dynamically assigns damage threshold values. You can check both scripts if interested in how they work.


1. Download and unpack TES5Edit anywhere if you don't have it yet. Unpack patcher script into Edit Scripts folder of TES5Edit.
2. Download and install AWTM, activate AWTM-Dependancy.esp plugin in your Mod Manager.
3. Run TES5Edit, wait for it to finish loading. In the left pane select plugin(s) you want to create patch for with Shift+Click, or you can click anywhere in the left pane and press Ctrl+A to select all plugins (the prefered method).
4. Right click on selection, click Apply Script from popup menu.
5. Select "Skyrim - AWTM Patch" from dropdown list. If it is not there, then you put it in the wrong location in step 1, check again.
6. Click OK and wait until it finishes, "Apply script done" message will appear in the messages log. During execution it will ask you for patch ESP file name and to add masters, confirm everything.
7. Exit TES5Edit and save generated patch plugin.
8. Activate it in your Mod Manager, make sure it is located at the bottom of load order after all patched mods.

During patching process If you see messages like Patching failed followed by record's name, then this means that this record and plugin in whole needs error fixing by mod author, consult with them. Don't load such plugins while creating a patch as a temporary solution.

If you updated, installed or uninstalled mods that affect any armours, weapons or NPCs, delete the old patch and create a new one. If your game
crashes when patch plugin is activated, this means you removed a mod that patch relies on. In that case delete it and create a new one. If your game still crashes, then make sure that AWTM-Dependancy.esp is activated in your load order. And if you still crash after that, then this has nothing to do with this patcher and the problem lies elsewhere.


As any other dynamic patch (merged, bashed, etc.) you are safe to remove it any moment.