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A new coastal settlement on the other side of Haafingar, opposite of Solitude, home to the hold's soulgem mine!

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Weistone Settlement

NEW BULLETIN: If anyone is willing to collaborate, or even take over, construction of Weistone 2.0, I'd be willing to share what progress I have on the new design of the town and hand the project over to them. PM me if you're interested!

UPDATE: Ver. 1.5 released; (You only need to download this one file) Factions fixed, vendors more open to buying and selling, navmeshes more solidified, some fluff'n'stuff in the Manor added, the NPC trap in the Kamaan Inn is fixed as well as some mishaps in the Guild Hall and Zfel City.

NEWS: Ver. 2.0 is in the works as "Weistone Reborn", which will be uploaded as a separate mod file in the future. Ideas for what I can bring to this dark and lovely town are welcome! 

"Welcome, weary travelers, to Weistone! Please enjoy our humble hamlet, home to Haafingar's soulgem mine and coastal clock-tower!"

is a new settlement in Haafingar Hold, on the other side of the mountains from Solitude, near Shadowgreen Cavern. Here I've put in the best of what I currently can do for modding for all your enjoyment. It is an attempt at a lore-friendly, Breton-inspired settlement using low-class and Soul Cairn architecture in an interesting blend within snowy pine woods. It has an excellent view of the coast, and comes with many amenities. This mod was inspired by the Elder Scrolls Oblivion dlc Battlehorn Castle, and I hope to duplicate that experience in Skyrim without making a ridiculahuge castle.

Settlement includes:
- Smithy and arms merchant
- Town center trader
- Guild Hall for the wonderful My Home is Your Home mod by Volek
- Soulgem mine, with workers scripted to head to their own bunkhouse after sunset
- New tavern design, the 'Kamaan Inn' with vendor
- Town center Clock-tower, mainly aesthetic
- Town guard house and custom outfit soldiers
- Several (limited dialogue) npc's
- Dwemer ruin 'Zfel'
- Weistone Manor itself

The manor starts locked up, and requires a key held by the original town Thane, who has gone deep into the Dwemer ruins beneath the town's mine. A short dungeon consisting of 3 zones (with fun tricks and puzzles that hopefully make the place feel unique) is filled primarily with banditry will lead you to the Thane to receive the reward of the Manor key and deed.

Weistone Manor includes various crafting stations, two mannequins, five weapon racks and two weapon plaques. Three guests beds accompany the master bed. Dragonborn's staff-enchanting station is included as well! And a throne for the Thane, oh my!

I intend to keep an eye on this file and comments related to it so I might smooth out the edges, should anyone find anything in need of repair. I'm also admittedly not good at working with quest dialogue, as I'd like the npc's to be a bit more chatty, so I'm open to anyone who'd like to help with such details.


- Dragonborn
- Dawnguard
- Update
- One batch to go into your Skyrim > Data folder. Texture and Meshes folder should fit in just fine.

- The relatively recent upload of Dragonborn Castle by Monstersock1 might have issues, as it seems to take up residence just past the town on the ocean.

Thank you for taking a look and downloading, I hope everyone enjoys this one!