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Adds a new sword to the game:
- 1h and 2h versions
- 4k highquality textures (2k and 1k also included).
- Custom sheath, compatible with dual sheath redux out of the box.
- Stats similar to ebony, craftable and temperable
Check it out!.

Permissions and credits

----Templar Longsword----
"A very weathered weapon, but... still works!!"
by FrankFamily

NOTE: The sword is available in 2h and 1h versions, originally it was a two handed sword (longsword) hence the big handle, haven't modified the handle specifically for the one handed version, i could cut it in the first "ring" so it's half size.
If you don't agree with speed or size or whatever please tell me wich version are you talking about 1h, or 2h because it's getting confusing.

Hope you like it, and have fun!
Adds a new Longsword (1h and 2h versions) to the game:

  • Made completly from scratch.
  • 4k textures (2k and 1k also available)
  • High quality model and properly baked normal maps from a sculpted highpoly model.
  • Custom realistic scabbard.
  • Crafteable under ebony category (requires ebony smithing perk) with materials requirements between ebony sword and ebony greatsword, same requirements for both 1h and 2h versions.
  • Includes "swapping" recipes that let you change from one handed to two handed at any forge/anvil without extra cost.
  • Temperableenchantable.
  • Not overpowered, vanilla-like stats (ebony): the one handed version has more reach and less speed than vanilla ebony sword as its bigger.

Alternative Crafting Patch.
  • Crafted with quicksilver and steel to better reflect its appearance.
  • Requires advanced armors perk and its found under steel category.
  • Stats similar to nordic weapons (dragonborn) but IT DOES NOT REQUIRE DRAGONBORN.
  • Install it after the main version of your choice and includes the reach patch so no need to install it if you are going to install the alternative crafting.

Choose the file you want: 4k, 2k or 1k and install it, then install patches.

I recommed using NMM, but you can do it manually, simply download the version of your choice and drop in "Data" folder the two files inside the compressed archive:


The two must remain together and should not be renamed.
For the optionals drop the content of the compressed archive in "Data" folder and let it merge folders.
Then activate the .esp in the launcher or the mod manager you use.
To uninstall if you choosed to install it manually, delete those files.


videos by FeuerTinhodiltonizon87604 and Kenny Mccormick thanks a lot :)


Compatible with anything as it doesn't modidy any vanilla forms, just adds new items. Compatibility patches for overhauls and such would have to be made by those who use them.
The mod has been cleaned with tes5edit to ensure that there are no dirty edits.

DualSheathRedux Patch included, so that its compatible with it out of the box. Keep in mind that it doesn't mean that it requires DSR, those that don't use it can use the same files without any problems and the file size increase caused by the meshes needed for DSR compatibility is minimal.


V 1.1:
-Fixed reach value of 1h sword from 0.2 to 1.2
-Added alternative crafting patch.


I really appreciate positive or negative-constructive comments, user screenshots and videos, thanks in advance and hope you like it.
Stay tunned for more mods comming in the future.