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The aim of the mod is to change the Bandit faction in a way to make it more alive enjoyable and divers by adding to it a major quests line , a number of side quests and stories ... and some armors weapons books ...

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If you don't like the fire weapons you can get a non fire weapon version here .                    

Please note you will need both file 1 + file 2 to run the mod  .
a second LAL / Bandits Glory alternative is available (see desc. bellow) use only one of them .
the mod should be compatible with almost everything .
the mod includes many features so please be sure to read the descriptions .

                                  BANDITS GLORY                                           
                                                                                                      BY TERSO

                                                                             many new features
                                                        and an adventure that will take you everywhere .

                                                                     you'll have to escape some times
feeling weak and in need of help
                                                                      to plan better your next attack

many bandit places are not a joke any more
                                                  (beware the mod can be considered a difficulty enhancer)
                                                            (the bandits of the story are very challenging
                                                 many of the
bandits will use different types of fire weapons
                                             you will be able to acquire the recipes to craft the different tiers
                                                                     of these weapons from them ... )
                                                                    prepare yourself for tough fights 



         the mod in short :

The aim of this mod is to make the bandit faction more alive , more enjoyable and driven by introducing a quest line to the faction which consists of a main story with a number of quests and side quests , and by introducing new unique characters such as bandit heroes and new bandit enemies along with new weapons armors and books as lore ...
The main story will tell you about ambition , prosperity , love, hate and jealousy with new unique characters surrounded by plenty of new bandit foes ...

Will you be able to uncover the new bandit bosses secrets ? How they came to acquire the knowledge of fire weapons and from where ?  Who helped them and why ? Who are the new bosses ? Where are they ? Will you be able to uncover their locations ? Will you survive the fight against those bandit heroes ? Will you be able to kill them and get their treasures while stopping their ambitious plans ? Will you uncover the stories of their families ? Their ambition and jealousy ! Their love and hatred ! Will you be able to uncover how all these aspects are related to them ? .
Because if you try, beware, as they will not stand idly by and depending on how much you are trying their actions toward you will be different . They will stalk you , they will try to stop you and they will keep trying harder . They will send their men to hunt you down to put a stop to your meddling .

so others of them came after me too ...  

Play it your way by either trying to uncover all the secrets or follow the game normally while still enjoying many of the features added by this mod . This is a light script-free mod so you can have it all in a very enjoyable play through .

      important notes :
if you don't use any of the LAL variants , look in the sticky under posts for where to go to begin the quest .

(avoid robbers gorge , its the only non leveled place that you normally pass through on your way (and modified by the mod) , its mentioned in the LAL starts to avoid it in the letter from your brother .

please note that you'll understand what to do by reading the documents you find , the clues are clear .

you'll not be able to loot some of the items (introduced by the mod) , you'll need to follow the story to know why ; i lowered the loot (in case of the new bandits) and limited it for some good reasons .
you should know that the stages of the story are HARD , and that the mod will add some difficulties to the game , the common added bandits are near your level , but the ones of the story are not , so maybe you'll need to get some followers or find good tactics , ... to discover the weaknesses of your enemies , to use the soups , or wait until you level up .
i provided you with some means to help you , its up to you to discover them or to use the ones you found . i like the feeling for the need for some help some times , that some times you come across someone that is more powerful then you are , that i need help , in need some friends to be with me  (followers to help me for example) , so don't go after the heroes alone , and always get some help to storm a base or a boss location , they always have some company , sometimes their company is leveled , sometimes its not ...

        LAL Start variants :

The aim of these optional esps is to allow you to start Skyrim in a special way by adding a background story to your character (fit for either male or female) and connecting you directly into the main Skyrim event and the main story of this mod .

        first alternative :(camping in the woods)

The optional file section contains an LAL variant so it’s a tweak . "Alternate Start - Live Another Life" by Arthmoor is required for this to work .

At the game start a pop up message in first person view will tell you that you should check for your brother’s camp location by reading his letter located in your knapsack . Here you'll find your personal notes and some souvenirs from your little adventures around your camp . They consist of 2 special weapons , a set of armor , a new ring , your hunting goods and a small amount of money (nothing overpowered while getting some tweaked items) .

       Second alternative :(the shipwrecked)

This story begins , you reached Dawnstar with your dog Frosty  after escaping the sunken ship . You are headed to join your brother to help with his plan against the bandits . You have your special rifle and wearing your own
set of pirate armor .
(see Bandits Glory LAL ext. no2 desc. bellow) .

       Changing the faction :

As you already know a lot of changes has been introduced to the bandit faction. It has a certain number of unique heroes now . The bandits have acquired fire weapons and are using them against their enemies . This faction now have its own story line with quests and side quests .
You will understand the story by reading the documents you find by extracting clues from them on what to do next . (Do not drop these documents, as many of them will be useful later) . It will also give you the opportunity to find a new companion a very special DOG and a very special essential horse that you can summon , and later on , two other companions that also can be summoned . It will allow you to learn the secrets of the fire weapons , how to craft them and upgrade them and how to craft various types of ammo designed especially for these weapons .
(Some parts of this knowledge can by acquired without following the storyline but as you level up and fight bandits)
You will also uncover other new bandit secrets . They will introduce a new powerful drug to Skyrim and use it in a new cuisine found in their recipes ...

 point lookout  

     list o
f changes and features :


       please see the guide for more info. abou
t how the looting and crafting system works .
1-   some types of bandits will use fire weapons ( most archers will ) , flintlock rifles and other types of fire weapons .
2-   some of the bandits will use new types of armors (some of them are new meshes) that fits the general weather of
      the region they should spawn in .
3-   some of them new custom (new meshes) weapons .
4-   the unique bandits , the major actors of the story are formidable foes , you will distinguish them by their costumes.
5-   new weapons and armors that the player can craft for his use as he uncover the story and progresses with the quest line
      , or play the side quests of it , or the ones that he can by from greedy once he uncovers his place .
6-   great very interesting rewards .
7-   many new books notes and skill tomes that can be read or crafted .
8-   While progressing in your game and leveling up, you will fight new types of bandits as you encounter them. Discover 
      those secrets for the knowledge of creating their weapons, armor and many types of new ammo .
      You'll know how they came to learn their craft , how they acquired those new weapons and learned their skills .
9-   Once you are able to craft your first rifle, later on you will be able to upgrade it to a second and a third tier aside then
      the normal tempering allowing you to use the same rifle even at late game. You'll have to discover or find the
      necessary knowledge that allows you to do that . This same crafting/upgrading system is also used for some special
      armor  pieces.
10- many new types of ammo .
11- a new strange staff and some rings .
12- 3 new summon , they are permanent until they are killed , you can summon Kobi the horse and frosty as many times as
      you wish , the others two once per day .
13- 200 new types of bandits that you'll encounter on your way and as you level up , they are mostly divided in
      categories to help you uncover their forte and their weaknesses , so you can use that to your advantage , that can
      be understood by the (in common) costumes that they wear , they can be different and more powerful but they all
      will have the same weaknesses accordingly  .
14- some new unique characters/foes , 15 heroes .
15- 3 new places for your character to take as his home , maybe you
      prefer to live in the open or in a cave , nothing fancy , very simple
      and basic , the first one can be reached and occupied with one fight ,
      the second one will need a couple , the third one will need a ton of fighting ...
16- non of the new weapons armors or books and spells and ammo types can be obtained or learned to craft and
      temper without fighting those nasty bandits and uncover their secrets (exception : some that you can by from
      greedy the bandit merchant and that can be found only this way).
17- very powerful foes will be there from the beginning , there's some
      places where you shouldn't go or go nearby until you are very well prepared .
      nothing game breaking though , these places can be avoided without blocking anything from your game or other
      quest lines . so if you can't beat them you'll have to return once you are more prepared (or maybe with more
      followers others , keep a bunch at hand to storm some places) , others will appear only and progressively as you
      level up (and some of these will have things that you'll need , even general quest items , so revisit (mostly after
      lev 15 , lev 25 , and 35) , by level 39 you should be able to find anything level restricted , but you will continue
      encountering new bandits til level 60 or more depending on your luck .
18- all the new bandits will level up with you to level 100 .
19- some of them are non leveled but without blocking your game .
20- most of the bandits are more powerful in a way to allow longer enjoyable fights  .
21- while fighting these bandit you'll enjoy more using the various fighting techniques , blocking dodging bashing ...
      etc especially if you are using another mod that allows you to have a wider amount of combat moves .
22- great rewards awaits you if you are able to finish the story and kill the bandit bosses  , every hero you'll
      encounter will have something unique on him , or something you need for a quest .
23- a special essential dog as a companion , sometimes biting sometimes using frost breath or (frost freez) , he is named
      frosty and he have a nice story that will be inserted later  , he can be summoned , but you need an old amulet to
      summon him , you can also unsummon him when you want to by summoning something else (note : you cannot summon
      him on the wrecked ship (in the second alt start) ...
24- a special essential horse , he died at some point as you can understand from the story ,
      and returned as a ghost (you'll have to call him) , he have a special boost that your character will acquire while
      summoned (very helpful especially for some of the tough fights of the story) .
25- 2 very useful summonable companions , you'll not be able to summon the first one until you finish a side quest and
      retrieve the needed item (even if you know the spell) , you'll know which one i am talking about by following the
      story (this one have a good boost too , the second one can be summoned without any prerequisites .
26- later in game some of the fire weapons will be smuggled to other parties (forsworn , stormckloaks , and imperials)
      but in rare quantities .

27- six additional side quests has been added .
28- unique very beautiful weapons for all the bandit bosses (protagonists of the story) .
      these weapons are unique , you can find only one copy of each (they can be tempered) .
29- a new drug ! (looks like a real drug this time) .
30- a bandit cuisine with 17 very useful food recipes . you need to fight to learn the recipes or to loot some ...
      (the recipes are also quest item so don't drop them , and you can't craft without having them with you) , they are
      meant to help you overcome the difficulties of the story ...
31- a new skill book to craft has been added (you have to fight for that too ... to collect all its recipes) , its like a big
      side quest that you'll find following the main story .
32- a good amount of bandit lore .
33- the new enemies that are being added are all manually placed custom spawn points (only in bandit places) .
34- a new possible essential companion (very hard to get) , with a special new weapon shield and armor ...
      he will also make some surprises for you .
35- you will be hunted ... and from different sides ... depending on your actions and meddling with the bandits affairs
      after meddling with their specific affairs some bosses will begin to send their men after you , you'll have to
      discover how to stop that ... (a kind of side quest ramifications to stop the various hunts) . 
36- added 3 sets of unique armors they are diff. unique pieces that can be found on unique bandit bosses .
37- added 1 shield (unique piece) .
38- added 35 new weapons (they are not from the game) .
39- added 3 new very dangerous hunts (depending on your actions) .
40- added a new special foe and an other special hunt , this one is highly dangerous , there's no direct indications
      about how to get rid of him , but you can discover the way from his story (very difficult) he is related to one of the
     side quests.
41- added a new side story (3 side quests) .
42- added a bandit merchant , willing to sell you some of the unique weapons theses can not be found anywhere else , they
      are 3 sets of 9 , in 3 tiers (novice , middle man , master piece) , the middle and advanced ones will appear in his
      inventory as you level up .
      this merchant is willing to sell you many of the new bandit items added by the mod , recipes , special foods , books
      ... , and also many of the bandit secrets (information) for high prices . he is essential (a greedy green kajit) .

      you can by info from him that will put you on side quests .

      on the first quest for greedy (first treasure hunt) . you'll  find something special , really special . by from him the 
      the info for it , this item is linked somehow to a side quest giving you some hint about a great enemy and some
      help , its better to do this quest as soon as possible if you want to play the story , the item will be very helpful in
      many ways .

riding Kobi , heading to fight Crodj , one of the heroes of the main story .

       Second LAL bandits Glory alternative : (shipwrecked)

     The optional file section also contains a second LAL variant , its also a tweaked " alternate start live another life" (arthmoor mod ) option .
You are a pirate here ... you were living with your pirates friends ... , you received a letter from your brother ... your second brother was killed by a bandit boss , he is planning to avenge him ... he hopes that you can come to help him in his attempt .
you decide to rush to his aid , with the fear that you are about to loose your second brother too , ... you was shipwrecked off the coast returning by ship to Skyrim (at the Mara statue , choose the option : i was shipwrecked off the coast while trying to join my brother) . At the beginning , you will note a message saying : " That bastard Rom stole my key ! , i will kill him this time , he will not get my rifle " , ...  your chest key was stolen by a passenger named Rom , ho wants to steal your rifle , so you'll have to search for him to get your key back to recover your gear from your chest .
      you will find the book to summon your dog Frosty in your chest (you need the amulet to summon him its also in the same chest) . your chest also contains your brothers letter , your personal notes , your rifle (if you play the story of the main mod ,  you'll understand how its possible that you can have such a weapon) , some bullets , a little amount of money , and your personal set of armor .
your armor is a set of special pirates armor (chest , gloves , hat , boots , feathered hat , eye patch , earrings , and cape) , the set has the   armor values of a leather set but it has a special crafting system , they can be tempered , but also upgradable in tiers , you begin at tier one , then once you acquire the "glass perk" , you can upgrade it to the second tier ... , and to tier three once you have the "Dragon perk" where it becomes a bit better then a dragonscale set , this way it will be useful to you even at end game .
      your rifle also have a similar upgrading system , but you'll need to fight the bandits or play the story to know how to upgrade it . (this same system is used in the main mod for some of the armors and weapons) .
(your rifle is at its beginning states weaker then the ones you can have access to in the main mod , but it becomes more powerful and with         better states if you are able to upgrade it , the bullets you have are weak ones , you can craft them , but you'll have to discover how to craft better ones) .

       (this variant cannot be used without Bandits Glory) .

installation :

you need to download the main base file and the esp , you need both
to play the mod , just unpack them in your data folder and activate
the esp .

if you want to use the LAL start op. , download the op. file too and place it after LAL main
use only one .

updating :

just copy past , overwrite when prompted , its ok to overwrite if you are using immersive armors or the Ghosu flintlock mod , don't use the Ghosu esp that have the world edit with this one , ghosu didn't finish that project and provided an alternate esp without the world edits   .

you need a clean save if you are updating from a version previous to 3.2 to 3.2 or a higher one .

uninstallation :

just remove the added files .

requirements :

skyrim last version .
dawnguard .
dragonborn .

the LAL optional file requires the "Alternate start live another life" mod by Arthmoor .

note :

this mod is script-free .

compatibility :

compatible with mods like revenge of the enemies(enemy ai) , high level enemies , OBIS ... and any other mods that edits the bandits , there's no npc vanilla bandits edits all the enemies are custom and independent from the vanilla ones , just use wrye bash .

the mod will conflict with any other mod that modifies Drelas cottage .

credits :

many thanks for LURREN for helping with the language .
many thanks for Sharlikran for his assistance and for his Tess5edit
many thanks for ghosu for the fire weapons and some weapons and armors , i introduced a lot of changes to them but not to the meshes or textures .
the other new weapons and armors and the books and spells ... all uses assets from the original game .
many thanks for Arthmoor for the permission for the alternate start variant patch .
many thanks for HOTHTROOPER , for the permission for the armors , the set included in the second LAL variant , doesn't have the flintlock pistols , it doesn't conflict with his mod "Seadog armor" , nor "immersive weapons" , it has different states and different crafting system .

and many thanks for the nexus guys for allowing us to have this great community .