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Well, Hairstyles, you know...

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Ren hairs and one style of soya's hairs imported into skyrim.
Want the hood with hair in the picture, now It's for download,
Read Beforehand:
You'll probably delete the old replacer file before install this to avoid the replcement issue.And be sure to click MTOH.esp in the skyrim launcher --data files.

Version 2.5 : Fix the bug when near light resources hairs shining like metal
Version 2.3: Major fixsupdate, fix black hair bug when near fireplace, fix shorthair bald issue,further tweaks on some of the hairstyle.

Version 2.2 : Major Update, tweak the longhair meshes, updates new texure ( 100% hand drawing)

Version 2.1 : Tweak the hair mesh to work with the transparent effect, along with minor texture tweak. Add hairtyle to Vampire list

Version 2.0: a standalone version Added, will not replace vanilian hair

Version 1.4:the soya's hair will replace default hairstyle No.16

Version 1.2: the file only contains the non-transparent meshes, will update the transparent meshed later on,also the new texture should look much better than the previous one,better use it in other color except pure white.The relfection effect has been tuned down as well.

PS: the new hairstyle will replace the human hairstyle NO.8, the elf hairstyle NO.07

Version 1.1: there are 2 files in the mainfolder, one is with transparency, which looks much soomther and much better but will disappear under water, the one without transparency look a bit rough but will not disappear under water, choose either one of them.
Updated Version :
version 2.1
add transparent effect to all hairstyle, now it should look much better than before
version 2.0
add standalone version
add one type of soya's hair into human femal list only
version 1.3
add the short hairstyle into human male list,add ponytail hairstyle into human/elf female list,all with new hairline
version 1.2
add the short hairstyle into female lists except beast races, long hair clipping,twisting issues fiexed,all come together with the newly polished texture.
version 1.1
add the hair to elf female list, will replace hair08, which is pretty similar to human hair18 style. More will come from right after the spring festival,so stay tuned !
just pick it up and drop into skyrim main folder
Apachii for the help on face sorting and bug fixings
-ren- for making the wonderful hair meshes
soya for the wonderful work
my lagged computer, you know