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Wind District Breezehome
by LethalThreat
Version 1.1
(Unsupported, experimental)

Get Wind District Breezehome on Skyrim Special Edition here.
Be sure to endorse and share some kudos with GermRillian for bringing it over to SSE and making it even better!

Oldrim's WDB still remains unsupported and will never be supported again. I want to thank everyone that downloaded, endorsed, commented and critiqued WDB. WDB was one of my first original public releases. It was an experiment to try and move a vanilla home into a new house cell and location for a much bigger mod that never got made. For the most part it surprisingly worked out well.

The issue still remains of this mod using up too much memory. It's a very heavy house, much heavier than any house mod should be. When making this I wasn't aware of the technical aspects of Skyrim yet, so for low to medium end computers there will be memory issues - going so far as to causing a black-screen lockup (reported by some users.) For high-medium to higher end computers you won't have any problems.

Classic Oldrim WDB will remain up as a reference and a relic.

Thanks again to all the users of this mod, and special thanks to GermRillian once again for bringing WDB to SSE.


Check out this awesome video of WDB on SSE. @6:05

OLD DESCRIPTION. Sorry for it being unorganized and generally all over the place. Don't have the time to fix it up, please check out the SSE description for a little better overview of the mod (ignoring any SSE specific changes.)

Tired of living between a blacksmith, a bar, a general goods store and an old shack? You're the Thane! Yet you live in worse conditions than the market owners and farmers. WTF? Well this mod changes that.
What is this mod?
In short, this mod replaces and relocates Breezehome. The new Breezehome offered by this mod is much bigger (but not too overly big) and cleaner, fit for you, Dragonborn and the Thane of Whiterun. The location of the new Breezehome rests where Carlotta V's house once was, in return Carlotta's house is now the old Breezehome. This house acts as a vanilla house so you can freely move in a spouse and children without the use of extra mods - I was always annoyed at having 3 extra .esps just to move in family to new houses.
What is offered in the mod:
Main floor - Downstairs: Living room, kitchen, table, basement access, housecarl room. Upstairs: child's bedroom 3 beds, player bed, attic access.
Basement - Crafting, storage.
Attic - Storage.
This mod is an experiment to relocate and redo the interior of Breezehome, I'm just curious to see how well this works for a different house mod I am making. If it doesn't end up working I will make it standalone. For now I recommend tracking if you don't want to help test or face any bugs. I really haven't had any issues since launch, everything works smooth on my end. It's basically just a redone interior of Breezehome, you've seen these before - but this one also moves location. If you are testing just leave me a comment or PM with any issues you find.
I highly recommend that you use a higher end PC and/or a good monitor. Now I'm not saying a 40k set up, just something on average or above average. Why? Well further read in the issues and take note of the black screen lock up.
Make sure you make a backup save prior to activating the mod!
Do NOT have any other Breezehome mods!
As usual, you can use a mod manager or manual. Just make sure the .esp and files get to the Skyrim Data folder. Highly recommended you install with Mod Organizer, so the loose files don't clutter up your data file.

General Stores Version - Uses the General Stores mod, best for people who take storage seriously and don't want to waste time. You will need to have the GS master activated or you will crash. All GS assets are included in the file but it is strongly recommended you download the mod from the original page here: General Stores by Harvey 2112
Non-GS Version - There is obviously storage, but it is not automated.

All versions require Hearthfire DLC.
This is highly experimental so I need some people to give me a lengthy and thoroughly test. From what I've seen and done there has been no issues.

Found an issue? Mod conflict? Please let me know in comments or via PM.

*Black Screen Computer Lock-up* In a few rare cases there have been reports of users getting a black screen lock-up upon first entering the house. This lock-up will require you to tab out via task manager or even force you to reboot/restart you computer altogether. I have no idea what causes this nor do I know how to fix it as I've never came across this. The only thing that comes to mind is the house is too dense and cluttered for a PC that can't handle it as most of the furniture/clutter is indeed hi-res and poly models and not vanilla. This is an important issue because if it's what I fear it may actually cause harm to your PC or monitor because of an "overload" as I call it, especially if you have a lot of other mods active. So make sure your PC and monitor are on par or above par in gaming standards of today.

UPDATE: Here are some links that may help. Like I've said this has never happened to me nor can if find what exactly is causing this black screen of doom. But it appears that a few others have had it as well so perhaps this may help. From what I gather it is what I first expected, just far too much very high quality stuff that is all over the house. Again, I advise caution if you're on a lower end PC.
Link 1 (Nexus)
Link 2 (Steam)

If you have Lydia or any family members living inside Breezehome, or if anyone is in Breezehome, make sure they are outside. If not they will be lost in the abyss.

If you cannot find them all is not lost do this in console commands:

For Lydia:
Prid 000A2C94
Moveto player
For Lucia:
Prid xx003F5E
Moveto player
For others:
You need to type Prid and then their RefID, then moveto player

Once that is completed they will appear next to the player, you can do this inside or out Breezehome. They will stand still for a little bit but eventually they will begin to move around, I recommend going outside and waiting/fast traveling for a little bit. To speed up the wait hire them as a follower and send them home they will automatically start roaming around.

This mod is very dense and heavy. High texture and mesh mods, ENB etc. will cause an already somewhat low FPS even lower. I run Skyrim on high, with some high texture mods and SMIM without ENB and it runs smooth - and my computer is very dated. The cell is 150/157MB (if that means anything to you.)

Don't buy any upgrades
Not sure what happens when you do this, you may face CTD or just loose some coin.

Fixes/Fixes needed
None known yet.
Change Log

1.1 - Hopefully this fixes the missing walls. The files are now loose (not packed into a .bsa) I should have foreseen this archiving never works out well with the CK. (1/13) EDIT: .bsa does work now, you will need to rename the .bsa to the same as the .esp - that was my fault.
1.0 - Initial Release (1/13)
NOTE: If I missed any authors I apologize. All resources used are from free-to-use resource packs (GS uses permissions but they are respected in this mod.)
"General Stores" - Harvey2112 (permissions are respected in both the GS and non-GS version)
Various clutter resources (OpenBook, Food, WallArt, Alchemy, etc.) - Blary
Activator resource - eldiabs
Resource pack - Oaristys and Tony67
Resource kit - TESA
Unique Curio cabinets, catering, wallpaper - Lilith (TESA)
Resources/Junk Yard (Pillows, chessboard..) - InsanitySorrow (TESA)
Open Book Library - stoverjm
Extra Resources (Baking crate and cheese) - Elianora

[font=Verdana]Thanks for checking out or trying my mod!
Questions? Contact me via PM on the Nexus.