Candy Cane Villages - Winter-Saturalia-Christmas Textures by tcz
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Added: 26/12/2014 - 08:01PM
Updated: 19/02/2015 - 08:52AM

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Last updated at 8:52, 19 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 20:01, 26 Dec 2014

This is a very simple file and is not to be taken too seriously.

The main mod recolors a few farmhouse village textures in white and peppermint styles.

  • Per user request, added some Whiterun enhancements and packaged everything into one file.
  • Optional mod recolors some common furniture and clutter to blend with the farmhouse textures.

Some of the textures are very basic and low-quality.
Due to the way textures are shared, many items may be affected and some can have distorted images.

This mod is safe to uninstall as it is only a few textures.

New video shared by Just Call Me Frosty at Youtube, thanks!

The_Funktasm's Morrowind Style Clutter and More for a glazed pottery texture.
flintone's Shabby Furniture for two furniture textures.

For more candy inspired buildings, check out Sugar Shack by badgremlin.
For more holiday decorations, check out A Festive Christmas and Patch - Christmas in Whiterun.
This mod pairs nicely with Skyrim Winter Overhaul by Aceeq.  See photo 3. [Note: mod was moved to Enhanced Landscapes, but may be hidden again as it has new updates??]