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Take the fight to enemy encampments all around Skyrim.

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I had a problem with the civil war for as long as I could remember. When entering an enemy encampment I could kill everyone except the commander, even after the war had been won. This bothered me a lot. Even when traveling the road I'd be attacked by these butthole invincible guys, getting my jimmies all rustled and there was nothing I could do.

This mod aims to change all of that: 
  • You can now go into enemy encampments and burn them to the ground as well as kill the commanding officer. (Literally wipe it off the map)
  • In some locations either General may use that camp as a symbol of their power.
  • Destroying a camp will earn the player money delivered by a courier on behalf of your side's general.

As of this time I have not tested this mod 100%. Many locations are not enabled unless you are far enough along in the story on one side or the other. I will rely on your feedback to help improve this mod.

I am not aware of any conflicts as of yet. It might conflict with Civil War Overhaul, but it may also not! Be sure to save, before installing the mod! Safety first! :D

Q: Why can't I burn down tents or kill commanders?
A: Because you need to join one side or the other in the Civil War questline. This was done to prevent you from breaking the questline accidentally.

Q: Why can't I burn down my own sides tent or kill my own side's commanders?
A: Because again, they may have be essential to a quest. I may consider changing this later by adding additional checks.

Q: Even though the title is aftermath, the description suggests I can download this during / before I begin the civil war. Is this correct?
A: You should be able to download it whenever. CWA is independent of the civil war itself (doesn't touch it at all), but some camps may not spawn until you are farther in the civil war.

Q: Does it only edit the encampments or other areas in the game?
A: Only encampments.

Additional questions I find others may ask will be added here in the future.

Korodic (me) - original idea/development
djtalks - early tester