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This mod is perfect for anybody who loves to create huge battles in no time.
This mod allows you to spawn different groups of fighters by using spells.
The groups are spawning at the impact point of the spell. Enjoy! :)

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to spawn different groups of fighters via spell and even adds some unique spells to the game! 
The groups are spawning at the impact point of the spell.

You can spawn a group, by using spells. 
Just search for the spells with the [MS] Tag under conjuration 

Please Watch the Videos below for a demonstration.


► The actors will interact with the world around them after they spawn! 

Until now there are following groups available: 

► Team: Whiterun Guards 
► Team: Bandits 
► Team: Skeletons 
► Team: Talmor Magicians 
► Team: Falmer Goblins 
► Team: Forsworns 
► Team: Spiders 
► Team: Dremora (with special team leader!) 
► Team: Stormcloaks 
► Team: Imperials 
► Team: Draugr 
► Team: Giants 
► Team: Akavirii Samurai 
► Team: Werewolves 
► Team: Dwemer 
► Team: Vampires 
► Team: Orcs 
► Team: Vigilants of Stendarr 
► (NEW) Team: Trolls 

Each Group has about 10-12 Actors, the amount of spawned actors can be manipulated by using the console command "MS_SAM", see CONSOLE COMMANDS section below. 

You can spawn groups as often as you like (or as often as your computer likes...). Bodies will fade out after death, to not influence the performance unneccesary. 
► Note: You can toggle the decay of death bodies on and off with the spell "[MS] Toggle Decay". 
(works only with the actors which you spawned with this mod) 


MS_DEL -> If you set MS_DEL to 1 (set MS_DEL to 1) then you can remove spawned actors by activating them. (set MS_DEL to 1) 
MS_VERSION -> Open console and write "GetGlobalValue MS_VERSION" to show which version of this mod you have installed. 
You can set the global variable "MS_SAM" to a lower value, to reduce the amount of actors spawned.
► open console and write : set MS_SAM to 0.5 
I hope i don't have to tell you to press enter after typing it in ;) Now there are only half of the amount of actors spawning as normal. Of course you can also try a lower value then 0.5 e.g. 0.25 or 0.1 ... 

Faction Relations

▲ Friendly to Player 
▼ Enemy to everyone 
◄► Allied (with Group X) 
▬ Neutral (Or attacks everyone who ignores their warning) 


Whiterun Guards ▲ 
Stormcloaks ▲ 
Akavirii ▲ 

Thalmor ▼ 
Dvemer ▼ 
Trolls ▼ 
Alduin ♥ 

Draugr (▬, ◄► Skeletons ) 
Orcs ▬ 
Vigilants of Stendaar ▬ 

Skeletons (▼, ◄► Falmer, Dremora, Spiders, Draugr) 
Spiders ▼, ◄► Falmer, Dremora, Spiders ) 
Falmer ▼, ◄► Skeletons, Dremora, Spiders) 
Dremora ▼, ◄► Spiders, Falmer, Skeleton, Alduin) 

Bandits (▼, ◄► Forsworns) 
Forsworns (▼,◄► Bandits) 

Werewolves (▼, ◄► Wolves ) 

Relationsship Commands
Example: set MS_FR_DRAUGR to 1 ;Makes the player an ally with Alduin and all his allies (includes Dremora) 

Note: Does only work before you spawn them. 



I've created a Templer Sword which i own in real life, and retextured a deadric armor as a thank you for almost 1000 Favs! <3 Dankeschön! 

You can forge the sword at the forge (Forgemenu -> Misc) or find it somewhere hidden at the exterior of whiterun! Ask in the comments if you need a tip on where to find it ;) 
To craft the daedric dremora lord armor, you need the perks: Deadric Smithing and Arcane Smithing and you only can forge it between 0 am and 4 am over the moonlight. (It will not appear in the forge menu if these conditions aren't true!) 

Extra Content: 
► Templer Sword 

► Daedra Blue Elite-Armor 

► [MS-] Spectator Cheat Allows you to be "invisible" to spectate the fight 
► [MS-] Remove All Allows you to remove all spawned actors from the world. 
► [MS-] Toggle Decay Allows you to toggle decay of death bodies 
► [MS] Pool of Fire 
► [MS] Masterfireball 
► [MS] FastFireball 

► Teams will interact with the world and use furniture. So if a chair or a workbench is nearby, then they will use them if possible. 



[MS] Toggle Decay Disable or Enable decay of death bodies. 
[MS] Remove All Removes all spawned actors from the world. 


[If your computer has a low quality, then read the section "SAM" (Spawn Amount Multiplier) in this description, to find out how to reduce the spawn amount of the groups.] 

You can download the mod now also in chinese (Credits to aaabbb21):

Always make a backup of your old savegame, before trying a new mod! 
A update of this mod could possibly corrupt your savegame, so its probably 
better to not save over your old savegame when using this mod. 
Normaly nothing should happen, but backups are always a good idea. 

It depends on the quality of your computer how many groups you can spawn. 
If you spawn to fast or too many then your game is going to crash to desctop (CTD)! 

Q: Why does your menu looks different from mine ? 
A: I have the mod "SkyUI" installed. 

Q: Where to find the spawn spells ? 
A: In the menu under "conjuration". Search for the spells with the [MS] Tag. 
Take a look at the screenshot if you still don't find them. 

Q: Will you add groups of DLC's like Dawnguard too? 
A: Unfortunatelly i only own the vanilla version of Skyrim, so i can't add them at the moment. Sorry :/ 

Q: How do you make killmoves so often in the video? 
A: I have the mod "Violens Killmoves" installed. 

You are not allowed to upload my mod without my permission. 


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Created by Eduard Fekete